What is it like to be a firefighter i want to know cause when i get out of High School I'm going to join Boston Fire or my Home town fire department  I chase fire truck since i was 5 all ways wanted to be a firefighter

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Ummm... you can't just JOIN Boston Fire Department. In fact, they are one of the hardest departments in the country to get on. Like most cities, they can't afford to hire now. When they do, they pick up city residents and vets before anyone else. You should probably do some more research.
regardless the fire service is the best job in the world. i myself spent 20plus yrs in ems and now wish i would have went to the fire servive instead. good luck on where'ever you go
Hey Mark - read some of the other posts - there are a few other people which have come before you asking the same questions. Hopefully that will give you some of the information that you need.

We always need ambitious young people who want to become firefighters, and who have big dreams of joining a big career department. Build relationships with the firefighters on your local departments and get them to mentor you to learn your local culture and what they will want from you as a prospective recruit for them.

Ready, Study, Learn - especially English, Math, Science, and problem solving in general & then fire science
i know Boston fire Hard to get on i might go to my home town fire
Mark, Heather's advice is sound and pretty much tells it like it is. You have a long road ahead of you, but the effort is certainly worth the rewards. I have to warn you however that the trend on the west coast is to have folks with college degree's and actual work experience competing side by side with young folks like yourself. It's a very competitive job market, the like's we have never seen before. What does this mean to you and others aspiring to work as a professional firefighter?

Answer: Re-read Heather's response...

Be sure what you are after is a career and that it's not the lights,sirens and big red trucks you are chasing. The precieved romance of the job often obscures your choice. Good luck if you find you do fit.
I just have one piece of advice to give you.

Life isnt a box of chocolates. Its a jar of jalepenos what you do and say today may not get you today or tommarrow but eventually your ass will get burned.
bieng a volunteer is one of the best things I have ever done, gives me a great deal of rpide and satisfaction knowing I am doing something to help others in need.
We are not a big fire department , we are a small rural department in Stephens County Texas, we cover 403 sq. miles of area.
It is a mixture of things.....Excitement,thrills,laughter,sorrow, fear,and satisfaction all rolled up into one....Yes, I DID say fear....but to me thats what true courage is...facing your fear and still accomplishing the goal.....anyone that doesn't have a little fear shouldn't be doing it...they are going to get themselves or someone else killed.....But, to be honest it is the most satisfying thing that I have ever done....I wouldn't give up any of it......Hope you stive to make your dreams come true..it is hard work but worth every minute of it......Good Luck....Paul
and listen to your mother...or heather, kind of the same thing it appears.
It's a tough job, a dangerous job and difficult to get on with a good department like Boston. But, like Heather says, if you work hard enough and keep your head on straight you'll achieve your dream. Stay safe and work hard...Just don't get in a hurry.
Well it is a very rewarding job helping people in need. I have been on my towns fire department a Firefighter and driver and every call is different i would agree with Mark to get on your towns fire dept. then gain experience then try out for Boston i have people on are dept that have tested and are working for the city of Kenosha in Wisconsin

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