Number of the truck? Township / county / city / province? Fire/rescue? Domain name? A safety message?

I ask this because I read a very interesting excerpt from Google book's on how fire departments need to work better at marketing their department. And one point that was made was the wording on your apparatus. And the more I think about it, our department's trucks don't accomplish this very well. It says "Smith Twp." on all of them, plus the rig number, but MOST people don't have a clue where Smith Twp. is even though they might live nearby. Now if it said our town name, I'm willing to bet that statistic would be completely different.

Shouldn't we use one of the most recognizable and eye-catching pieces of equipment we have to make our department even more known to the area/community?

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I agree... keeping our trucks looking clean and eye-catching is not only good PR for the station, its just nice to keep em looking nice.

Um... Our trucks all say Hebron Fire Department, most say serving Boone and Eagle Creek Township under that. The truck number is on the front fenders or sides of the hood. Other then that, they all have a decal that says "in memory of our fallen commrades." Most of them say "serving the community since 1923."

Agreed, keep it looking clean and sharp and your department will appear to be the same way. Then add in some highly visible messages and information and you have one of the most recognizable and memorable vehicles on the road.

I looked over our trucks last night and without turning each of them into a sticker filled Nascar, I could see places where we could put more information to keep our message out there. Such as the back door of the rescue, put our town name. The upper panel area where the tank sits for one of our pumps - both sides could have the domain name. Tailgates of our grass rigs could have our slogan.

Now to try and convince others of this. Could be interesting...
I run with 2 volly companies. Stonington Fire Company has its name on the diver and officer door of each rig. On the back side compartments of the engine we have an American Flag and the engine number. The tanker has the name and the tanker number on the back of the tank. Upper Augusta has the name on the diver and officer door, on the engine then between these doors and the jump seat doors they have a Pa. state certification sticker that shows that at least 50% of the active members are certificed to the level of Fire Fighter 1. Along the side above the compartments they have FIRE - RESCUE. On the back they have the engine number. The tanker has the same configuration as Stonington. The squad has a decal of the company patch on the driver and officer door, with the certification sticker on the back doors. It also has the squad number on the fender.
Our ladder tuck (quint) has the malteese cross on the driver and officers doors. It also says Carter Lake volunteer fire & rescue on the two passenger doors. It has carter lake on both sides of the aerial ladder.

our pumper has Carter Lake volunteer fire dept. on the driver and officer doors.

Our tanker is exactly the same as the pumper

our primary ambulance has carter lake, Iowa fire & resccue on both sides of the box and carter lake across the back doors.

our back up ambulance has carter lake fire & rescue on both sides

our incident command car (1997 crown victoria) has carter lake fire dept. on the hood and trunk and the malteese cross on the front doors.

our chiefs car (2004 crown victoria) says carter lake fire & EMS on both doors and on the hood, it also has fire and ems on the trunk and says carter lake across the rear bumper.
Ours say Harmony Fire Rescue-Mullica Hill and the doors say Harrison Township Fire District... They say 23-13, 23-16, 23-18 and 23-15 depending on the truck. The ladder has a big American Flag on the side, the rescue has pictures of the trucks... We use our trucks at community events that make it well-known who we are and make it known when we're out and about in the county.

We have over 300 stations, with alot stations having more than one appliance. On the side we have, FIRE, RESCUE, NSW FIRE BRIGADES, station number and city ie. 063 Blacktown, our webpage and NSWFB emblem. On the rear we have LED scrolling signs, FIRE and RESCUE. On the front, FIRE on the left and right with RESCUE in the center. I have attatched some pics of one of our rescue pumpers. Cheers

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