My Captain and I are trying to get our Chief to replace 2 strobes that are one the top rear corners of the ladder. We have had (2) 4" round X 8" high strobes for the 17 years I have been on the dept. We had (2) round 10" Hallogen lights on the rear above the tail board and replaced those 10 years ago with 10" X 10" square strobes. We figure we already have plenty of strobe light back there, we would like to put a red and yellow rotator up on top. The chief told us to get him some information and he would look into it. He personally believes in strobes all around the trucks so getting to agree to rotators is going to be tough. I am looking to you for what brand and possibly models you have that seem to be durable, eye catching, and have plenty of flash. Kind of thinking something with a speed gear or something. Also I have seen other dept's run the yellow light on the left rear and thought it looked to be a good idea and approached the chief about that a couple of years ago and he said no. If anyone is running yellow on the rear, does it seem to help with the visibility of the unit to other vehicles driving down the road? We don't have an arrow stick like the engines and really don't have anywhere to mount one that won't get busted off.

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I was told it was NFPA but wasn't sure. We have (2) Rosenbaur engines that are supposed to be here around July and I figured if it is NFPA they would have to have them. I will have to look into it so I can print it off and use that to try and convince him. Thanks.
It is not NFPA requirements that u have amber our new engine is all red LEDs no amber it does have two white rotator in the light bar and wig-wags in the head lights u should go with LEDs they last longer then strobes ar brighter and dont draw as much amps as strobes or rotator strobes draw about 2-3 amps per strobe light or more and LEDs draw 0.5-0.9 amps rotators draw 10-25 amps per light u do the math.
You might look at the L360 Series Super-LED Beacon, Class 1 High Dome, from Whelen. Multiple flash patterns, can be synchronized, weather tight, and very visible.

We run red on the left, and amber on the right, stemming back to boating and aviation. Red is on the left side of the aircraft, or port side of a boat. Right or starboard, is green, but that color is reserved for command, so we use amber.

The videos show even with the glare of sunlight, they are still pretty bright. They draw about 0.4 amps each.
It actually is an NFPA standard that all new apparatus as of a certain year that the manufacturer install the amber lights on the rear. Our Ferrara we got in 2007 has 2 amber rotators on the rear and I hate them. I'm old school red on the rear. I just can't remember what year the NFPA mandated that. I suppose you could change them if you don't like them but our Chief says no. NFPA 1901 is the standards for new apparatus. I just can't read it without buying it.
"I just can't read it without buying it".

Almost ALL NFPA standards can be read online without purchasing them, you just cannot save or print them. All you have to do is create an account, and sign in. Scroll down to additional information, view the 2009 edition.
I would go with NFPA standards we have amber on ours plus the chevron on the back, as for if it makes a diff I couldn't tell you, I'm usually on the call with the engine
Here is our set up, you can make out the amber/yellow, red and white strobes on both apparatus that run horizontal and vertical on the lower halves. On top we have red strobes mounted below red rotaries. And yes, the amber/yellow does help with visibility.

Our Engine is set up as follows. Two Amber Rotators (Whelen B6 series) mounted upper zone rear both sides. Lower zone rear, both sides, are two Red 700 series Whelen Super LEDs and two Red 600 Series Whelen Super LEDs. Can be seen day or night at great distances and reduces the power draw on the system.
Ah.... ok. I was looking in the wrong area. Thanks!
x2 what Capt.Frazier said

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