At our Dept its,

Red- Capt or LT
Orange- Saftey Officer
Yellow-Working firefighters
Blue- EMS only

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White means Chief/Asst Chief/Training Officer/Batt Chief/Capt(Command Officer) -- Red means Lt(Company Officer)--Yellow means Sgt (Driver Operator)--Black means Firefighter(I/II and probationary) *Burned with smut and scars on any color helmet means working man!
White- Chief Officer
Red- Captain
Black- Firefighter
Yellow- Non FFI/II
Yellow with blue stripe- Probationary FF
I could not agree more. We are all brothers and sisters here and bashing is not needed.
Where's damnthing at? I really wanted to see what his reply would be :) Is this a monthly discussion now or what?
Black? now that would mean your un-trained according to this threads meanings? What the heck Damnthing?
well according to this thread (which is the Gospel) Black is for the un-trained. I am sorely confused Bro. Help me to see the light.
White=captian or chief
Red=Firefighter or Lt.
Black=recruit or canidate
Oh, now I see the light. The Rev' post says your a Lieutenant. WOW! one giant leap from the un-trained to LT! You are good Bro.
Ours are White is Chief, asst chief and captains, red is LT Black is firefighters and yellow is safety officer
Ours are Chief and Asst. Chief White with gold fronts

Capt. Red

LT. Black with Blue fronts

FF Black
chief and assit. chief is white / Capt. and 1st Lt and 2nd LT are red Fireifghters are Black
Mine has antlers...I use it to roll hose on!

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