A discussion about what you carrry in your bunker gear, myself I have a knife, medic gloves,flash light, hose wrench and some webbing rope.

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i carry webing, a multiple head screwdriver and wire cutters.
Turnout Gloves, Medic Gloves, Extrication Gloves, Hose Wrench, Extra Bottle of Water (may need a drink or somebody else may need one... or wash something off) and Grizzly Straight Long Cut ----Must have----
Cargo Pokets on Pants:
2-20' sections of Red Webbing
Needle nose pliers
Lineman's Pliers
Cresent Wrench
Shove Blade
Knife w/seatbelt cutter/light/automatic window punch
Grease marker
Flathead screwdriver
Philipshead screwdriver

Coat Pockets:
10' Red Webbing(Buddy Line)
Knife w/straight blade and one with saw blade
Digital Camera
Cresent Wrench
I carry 2 caribeaners about 8ft of webbing a resQ tool a knife w/window punch and 2 folding spanner wrenches.
It's a shame that anyone is getting laid off, but what does that have to do with this discussion?
It sounded as if the specialized glove collection might be incomplete.
Leatherman, bottle of 5 hour energy, webbing, (4) door stops, gloves
Very well said Mike. Been in 9 years and when I first got in all i looked for was ideas of things to carry with you. For my full time job(heavy equipment/mining) we try to have anything and everything we might need in the service truck so i went along those same lines. Fast forward 9 years.

Helmet: Nomex hood(above suspension), flashlight mounted and goggles mounted

Coat: An old Gerber tool, Res-Q wrench, some "purple gloves", folding "box cutter"

Pants: Webbing with bieners, and usually drop a bottle of water or two in the other for certain calls and side cutters.

I keep my extrication gloves hanging on a strap in my locker and my tech rescue gloves sit above in a small container. I was once told that any "fire" needed tools need to be able to be operated with fire fighting gloves on, if you can't do it proficiently don't carry it. Same for extrication stuff, etc. If you can't use it well with your gloves it is not that important to have.
folding spanner knife webbing , cable cutters, marker
gloves wedge
Air if not on a call. Me if on a call.

Spare Overhaul Thong in bunker pants pocket.
in my coat pockets my rescue gloves and vinyl gloves my left pants is life pocket my escape rope 30 foot and 20 foot webbing with 4 caribiners and two rescue eight's my right pants is two flash lights one haligen one led a wise snip multi tool spanner wrench six wedges

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