A discussion about what you carrry in your bunker gear, myself I have a knife, medic gloves,flash light, hose wrench and some webbing rope.

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I carry a ton, bunker pants have my primary hood and gloves and backup gloves, chest pocket has my knife, traffic vest pocket has flight for life (medvac heli) landing zone cards, chest loop has a streamlight, helme has a video camera and another streamlight. then there is my belt, first i have my bigwig (check the internet), my channel lock, then on a carabiner i have my extrication gloves/glasses/2 window punches. Yes, being in a firefighter family has its benifits :)
smokes, matches and chocolate bar....slightly chewed by a mouse....
Oh, and a pad of paper for vehicle info in my vest
I guess you're lucky the mouse doesn't smoke
I carry 2 folding spanners, 20 feet of webbing, spare gloves, pliers
i carry gloves, extra pair of socks, handkerchief, knife/multi-tool, LED flashlight ,20ft of rope, and turn out gear
trauma shears (because they'll cut through a lot like a penny), 18' Webbing with a water knot and a carabiner. an extra carabiner and a life safety rob wih a carabiner.... I like to keep it light and simple because the more you have the greater the chance of getting caught up in confined spaces not to mention all the added weight
thats funny mate...lol
Bunkers: 1 pair spare fire gloves, folding knife, multi tool, screwdriver
Coat: bottle of water to prehydrate on the way to a call, l.e.d. flashlight, accountability tags, hood when not in use, watch cap
helmet: nothing at this time, have carried a light on a rubber band mmade from a truck size tire innertube, plan on getting another and possibly some nails to use as door chocks when i become an interior firefighter in july.
Awesome. Hopefully, others will take notice and do the same.
You can stop war with 20 feet of webbing and haven't won the Nobel Piece Prize yet?
What, no Webbing gloves, carabiner gloves, wedges gloves, or plastic folding spanner w/seatbelt cutter and window punch gloves...or copenhagen gloves?

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