A discussion about what you carrry in your bunker gear, myself I have a knife, medic gloves,flash light, hose wrench and some webbing rope.

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I carry a search feature to past discussions
I carry needle nose pliers regular pliers seat belt cutter knife window punch and two flash lights
Picnic for six. With red/white checked blanket.

Actually, they told me I had to stop doing that.

Now it's mundane stuff: gloves, extra pair of socks, handkerchief, knife/multi-tool, LED flashlight and spare batteries for same. Oh, and a small container of aspirin and a box of juice w/straw. Kiwi/strawberry. Mmmmm.
i have a 20ft peace webbing with 2 carabiner,resque wrench,flashlight,mult-tool and safety glasses
Structure gloves, Extrication gloves, medic gloves, Webbing, carabiner, 2 wedges (one for the entry door and one for the room you're searching), and a plastic folding spanner w/seatbelt cutter and window punch.
.......and copenhagen (very useful for salvage and overhaul lol)
20ft of rope, extrication gloves, wire cutters, multi tool, flash light, knife-seat belt cutter combo, window punch, spanner wrench, structure gloves, nomex, and two cans of dip..
I have:
> 1, glove for each hand
> folding spanner
> Vicks Vapor Rub
> a piece of webbing, 20 years old
> a list, to include, whar color my gear & helmet are, my ringtone, a type of pager, instructions on how to use an AED and now a motorcycle helmet.
> but most importantly, a sense of humor
LMAO...I was thinking the same thing as J.C. & T.J.. But I also carry some of those pocket porno books, just to pass the time on those lonley night fires at the pump deck! lol
That's funny...but what color is your motorcycle helmet?

But, seeing as I am a junior, I can't really carry much.
I may put a LED flashlight in my pocket. I found a real nice one for a great price.
I carry
Gloves,20 Ft. Webbing, Saftey glasses, RES-Q-ME multi tool(seat belt cutter/window punch),Notepad,Pen,Hood,Germ-x,Trauma Shears

I am also a junior too
TURNOUT PANTS : spanner wrench plastic fold-able one (window punch, and seat belt cutter), my 9 in one Multi-tool, Door Stopper tool, Medical Gloves, Leatherman, Hood, and my hat for cold weather.

TURNOUT JACKET: L.E.D Flashlight, Extrication safety Glasses, Knife switch blade that has a window punch and seat belt cuter, Mints for those late night medical calls haha. Caribbeaner's for my glove holder.

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