What did you guys think of the movie Fire proof, Backdraft, and Ladder 49?  Which is your favorite? Any dislikes of these 3?

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mine was "backdraft" and a very good movie i cried a lot in that movie.. but i cry at happy and sad  movies lol!

my favorite was ladder 49, backdraft  was awesome in its day and Fireproof doesnt count in the same category as either of them. Fireproof was basically a Lifetime movie produced by the 700 club (religious movie where the guy does everything wrong)

backdraft is my favorite,ladder 49 a close second i never saw the last one

I think you missed a movie but then acourse you are too young to know about it. "The Towering Inferno" which you might find on DVD somewhere.

Backdraft and Ladder 49 I have seen. Fireproof I have on DVD but haven't looked at yet.

I think there are a few other fire related movies out there including TV shows on DVD.

I know there wasnt a lot of fire in it but "Frequency" was a pretty good movie too. But being a Marylander, I'd have to say Ladder 49 is my favorite. Its more true to the profession, Fire Proof doesnt hold a match to it. Ladder 49 was nice in the fact that there was a lot of local volunteer depats featured at the end during Jack's funeral scene, including my own. I've been around the service since I was born and that movie hits. I've been the child of a hurt firefighter. When this movie came out, my dad had actually sustained a severe injury in the service, that pretty much ended his chances of ever fighting fire again. That was only one of maybe three times I've seen my dad cry. This movie hits home, its accurate, and it shows why we do what we do, be it career or volunteer, because we love it. Don't get me I'm still down to watch Backdraft, but it's more "Hollywoodish" than Ladder 49, nonetheless its a classic.


Fireproof...It helped my marriage.  I was in a low spot in my life, my wife (ex-firefighter/paramedic herself) thought I was at the firehouse more than home and didnt want to spend time with her and our daughter.  It taught us both to look at each other closer and look at god closer too.  The movie was inspiring and uplifting, it had some good action scenes in it as well as the mushy ones.


Backdraft was good when I was a younger man, but now it does nothing for me.  Too fake.

Ladder 49 was good, better fire scenes in it and a good story line.

Towering Inferno was good, but pure entertainment only.  One chief that does all that he did in one fire was kind of out there.  He was all over that building doing everything, but it was good for the time, helping to get some stricter building codes enforced.

The "Emergency!" pilot movie was pretty good also, but like Towering Inferno, just entertainment.


They should come out with more TV Shows about firefighters, they have too many poilce shows like Law& Order and NCIS.  Maybe a show about an arson investigator to capture all audiences?


Law and Order: FM (Fire Marshal)


When BURN comes out It'll be the best movie representing the fire service

The Emergency pilot movie was a means to show what the State Of Califorina did to start the paramedic program and to make it legal. If it not been for that movie the paramedic programs would have taken longer to start in other areas of the country. It also helped to push for better emergency medical services in this country.

 When I started riding the ambulance I had American Red Cross Advance First Aid and CPR and had to learn from the rest of crew on how to work on the scene.

It took a while to get EMT rolling where I'm from.

I also like emergency. There has not been many movies about firefighter that I know of. I thought ladder 49 was pretty close to an actual firefighter. What is the movie burn about? Are there any other fire related movies out other then the the towing inferno?

Fireproof, Own it but still haven't watched the whole movie so I can't comment on that one.;  Ladder 49, I love how more safety was incorporated in this movie (ie. wearing the scba more instead of being hot shots, using more radios for communications) tells a lot more of the brother and sisterhood aka family aspect of the service.; Backdraft, the movie my dad had to go see when he was on a local vol. dept. It was considered training to go and watch the movie to see some of the what not to do's.  I think that one was and still is my favorite FF movie.  I also have on dvd (which I recorded years ago) The Towering Inferno.  Good movie to show how far things have come in high rise firefighting.

Awesome movies, but they are movies with a lot of artistic scenes which are not real to firefighting. In my 33 years of firefighting with L.A. County Fire Dept. I have never bee able to walk in standing upright and squirt water on a roaring fire, it always bee on my hands and knees because the smoke level is so thick.

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