Just wondering what does everyone use for a color for the warning lights.

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We use red and white with one red and an one amber on the rear
Our is white and red for the pumper and white and blue for the ALS ambulance.

In Kawarth Lakes, Ontario, Canada we run red and white on our pumpers and tankers and green on our povs.

In my state Victoria Australia we run red and blue,  All Police fire and ambulance have the red and blue.  As a vol I am not allowed to have any emergency lights on my private vehicle, the red and blues are for emergency vehicles only.

We use red and clear. Our newest pumper has the amber in rear. But now that the state has allowed the police to add a blue light on the rear of their squad cars seems like most  fire departments have added blue lights on the back of their apparatus. Sometime's when i go by a scene i think i'm going by a Christmas light show because of all the pretty flashing lights. Red-White-Blue-Yellow-Green it is just a miracle here in NY we haven't killed someone with our light show's.  

In New Jersey Police run red/Blue/clear, red/clear or red. Fire and EMS appuratis run the same but have a amber light on the rear. and for POV's vol. Fire and EMS both run blue or blue/clear. we are not allowed to have a siren on are pov's and are not allowed to have wig wags in the headlights.

My POV(1994 Dodge Ram) has a full edge strobe bar (blue with alley lights and takedowns),a blue/blue mini phantom dash light, a pair of tir 3 grill lights, 4 strobes in the headlights, 2 strobes in the reverse lights, and 2 blue/amber mini phantoms in the back window and a led amber becon light when at work.


i go to extreme tactical dynamics.com u may need to buy extra 18 gauge wire depends how u run ur lights


new york's is blue for the pov but take them down or cover them up in mass u will get ticketed for them

new york's is blue for the pov but take them down or cover them up in mass u will get ticketed for them

all red here...POV's have to get a permit from FES before we can use them...and then its has to be red

All red. Except on the old rescue we have an amber rotator paired with red on the back of the apparatus.

Depends on the which truck. The 2 newer trucks have Red and White strobes. The brush trucks vary from blue to amber to what looks like a purplish pink. The tanker has blue strobes on top and red and blue wig wag spot lights in the back.  But we can have blue red white amber and even green. I have x6 dual 8 led lights on my personal vehicle that are red and white.


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