How do you see them in the line of fire? What are your opinions and veiws?

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I have no problem with wemon fire fighters . I think they are just as good as the men in the fire service and in some cases I have found it good to have a women on a call with me. So I thank you for your service
Do the job and dont act we owe you something and we are fine.
First; I can't believe that this continues to get asked.
Second; I have to wonder why so many are so eager to answer what is a very open-ended and very general question.
Just like my views on MEN firefighters...some are qualified and some are not; I believe that the same holds true for WOMEN firefighters.
My Driver/Operator is female and probably one of the most knowledgeable drivers in the department. She's keeps herself in shape, exercising almost every day. We've worked together for about 3 years and I wouldn't want another driver. She knows what I require and gives me excellent advise on situations. You could say she's my "Man Friday". I trust her and back her decisions regarding the apparatus and other matters.
Lol I beleive I enjoy a good looking man in a fire uniform myself..... :)

I'm sure it was inadvertent on your part, but in my department - and perhaps yours as well - extolling the virtues of a firefighter by saying she's "one of the most knowledgeable drivers in the department" would be considered as damning her with faint praise. Know what I mean?
And yet, make the question some variant about volunteer vs. paid (as opposed to women vs. men) and the hobnailed boots tromp down the hall and kick in the door (of that discussion).

I've been known to "stir the pot" on more than one occasion, but I readily admit that. I'm not stirring anything now, so tell me, how exactly does one prove himself competent in order for you to trust him with your life? And while we're at it, when was the last time you saw anyone throw anyone else over his shoulder in a structure fire?
A good Firefighter is a good Firefighter, I do not care if they are female or not....
in my country, women join the FD for 2 reasons: one, they really want something exiting, and second, they're looking for a piece of cake (a cute, handsome knight), and once they found him, they quit. Cannot give the numbers, nor percentages, but thats the conclussion many of FF like me have arrived as we saw time pass by and women get in and out...

You're just now getting around to getting around to me?

Kudos to the "at least one state" that grades the CPAT! (I'd be interested to know more about the grading system). And no you ditn't say "alot"! (And I'm just one of those "blue collary types" who went to a community college). ;o)
the are good i have10 in my town they dont mind getting get dirty and the are good a playing joke on us guy

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