How do you see them in the line of fire? What are your opinions and veiws?

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My views on women firefighters? I try to view women firefighters as often as possible.
"I try to view women firefighters as often as possible."
It begs the question: View them where?
I believe that would fall under the heading of a 'fetish'. I'm just saying....
Kali: Don't try to get me down. It's too hard for you.

Tommy: Get some friggin sleep.

Jack: I'm sure you meant raises the question. But the answer is, wherever possible, of course.
Nope, "begs" is what I meant, it implies a degree of astonishment. But I can see how you might go for "raises". "Erects" would have suggested something too mechanical.
Women make great firefighters!

How am I ever gonna learn you to use the right word or phrase? Your unteechible!

Actually, you do know that the phrase "begs the question" is almost always used incorrectly, don't you? It's one of those idioms that's so frequently misapplied that it becomes sub-standard standard. Kinda like "could care less".
I stand corrected. Now 'splain to me it's correct usage (I've looked it up).
(You are incorrect in that I am unteechible, I am too teechible. I will henceforth apply it only in it's correct usage.)
My view is right along with the majority on this one, we're all the same, just a bunch of good hard working folks that love what they do and enjoy coming to work everyday in order to help people on their worst day. I've known some women that can definatly stand toe to toe with the best of 'em. As a matter of fact, there were two women in my rookie class and I would fight fire with either of them any day of the week.
So, you're teechible because you're not unteechible? That rather begs the question.
I only have one view on this, if you can pull me out of a burning structure if the poop hits the fan than i say lets go get em'. Any woman who wants to jion the brotherhood is sister of mine.

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