Admit it, everyone is scared of something. For me? Thunder. Not lightning, just thunder.

I have had some close experinces with lightning, but its the thunder that terrifies me.

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Took someone long enough. I can't stand them either.

The extremely small spaces get me as well.
That is funny Mark. I am afraid of conservatives. I feel the republicans are the working mans greatest enemy. Just my opinion don't get all wound up.
The main thing is being up on ground ladders that aren't stable, almost had too many come down with me at the top. 
But what makes me worried is the future. I'm seeing a lot with politics and such that it does scare me when I think about the world my goddaughter will be growing up in.
Hmmm...if one is afraid of Progressives, what then does that person wish for? Regressives? The 1890's? Death in childbirth? Hurt on the job...tough shit, see ya later, not our problem?

Wait...weren't UNIONS brought about by social Progressives (aka Democrats)?

Aren't PENSIONS a result of Unions?

What about workplace safety, overtime/time and a half, holiday pay?

Here's hoping those that are a'gin Progressives at least have the strength of their conviction NOT to accept SSN, Medicare or Medicaid...all socialist programs brought about by Progressives and paid for by taxing the honorable, god-like working man.
I'm probably the most opposite of everyone here. I love heights...the higher the better! I'm not even afraid of falling the sudden stop at the end I admit scares me a bit.

Ok serious now...I am scared to death of ice. Not ice in a cup or on a road, but the frozen lake/river kind of ice. As a kid I fell through the ice and was trapped under the ice, if it wouldn't have been for my dad witnessing me go through well I may just not be here right now.

I've never been on the ice since and that was over 30 years ago. I don't care if the lake is frozen to the bottom I will not step foot on it. So don't fall through in front of me because you will be SOL..I will stay on shore and help the others IE holding on to their ropes, but thats it.
I love heights also. To be honest, being up in the air is amazing!

I understand that kind of fear,I personally hate frozen bodies of water, especially when other people are on it
Heights are fun, I use to operate the bucket of a 95' Tower, just ground ladders are a pain
Spiders that bite.Got bit by one once.Worst 6 weeks of my life.
Spiders, not so much scared but I just freak out for some odd reason....haha!
No problem, I can respect anyone's opinions as long as they respect mine.

The problem is, the Repubs are no different than the Dems, haven't been for quite some time.
Jack, it's called the free market. Not regression, just plain ole free market capitalism where we have liberty and freedom.

Pensions? What do we need pensions for? We have that wonderful Social (in)Security to take care of us for time immemorial.

So, they paid into those programs (by the threat of force) but they shouldn't take out what they put in?

I'm a liberal as well, a classic liberal that is. Just like our Founding Fathers.

PS It is because of the progressives in both parties that we are in the situation we are today. Overspending; spending money our grandchildren don't have. Whether that be on undeclared wars or on corporate welfare. Sooner or later, you run out of OPM.

I'm afraid of redundancy.

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