Admit it, everyone is scared of something. For me? Thunder. Not lightning, just thunder.

I have had some close experinces with lightning, but its the thunder that terrifies me.

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oh how the post 911 "hero worship" has disapeared and now the public is "really" back to "fire department as usual". ("whats this"-Japan needs help with rescue and recovery efforts, who's up USAR VA TEAM) oh i see, when the chips are down we need our highly trained US firefighters to save the day and who knows while they are away their home state may strip them of their rights.

what i can see comming Cap is a nationwide revolt of firefighters in the form a public information assault AND IT SHOULD BE CONSTANT!. i dont believe in work stoppages but aint layoffs and reduction of staff the same? we need to get in the face of the "voting" public and let the elected know that firefighters working or layed off...still VOTE!
My Wife
The true unknown!
well,, this is a stupid one, but....spiders
heights. i was the only guy in my ff1 class that was afraid of heights and had the balls to do a leg lock on the 35 foot ladder at the top, up against the life safety complex... but i froze when i tried to get out 3 instructors had to stand by on the balcony for me in case i couldn't get out. boy did i feel like a pussy for a week
hey izzy i'm with you spiders scare the albino shits out of me
Not a big fan of heights, Climbing ladders during rookie school was unnerving for me (95ft platforms, stepping out on 35' ladders, etc) but it was doing the 3rd story ladder bailouts that really gave me the heebee-jeebees.

I am also a little uncomfortable with the thought of being in a small boat out in the ocean (not near the shore, I'm talkin' miles from any coastline) just the sheer vastness of the sea, it's unpredictability, and just how vulnerable you are out there is a frightening thought for me.

Oh, and I am afraid of car wrecks, of being involved in one anyway. Sure ain't the way I want to go out..
Snakes....can't stand them!
For me it is spiders. Can't stand the nasty little things.
I have been in the Military and the Fire Service and I have always had the same fear. Not being able to help one of my brothers or sisters when it matters....
Progressives, GOP and Democrat.

The ones that think higher taxes and the state is the answer to every question, even the unasked ones.

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