Selfishly, I don't care for the Ipod (Don't own one), but what are the must have apps that emergency responders and managers must have?

And I don't care for the games- I want the tools that will help us perform our jobs.....

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Well I don't have an Ipad so I don't know how much help I'll be but I know on my Blackberry (and other phone models) they make the firefighter calculator for fireground pump calculations. No it's probable not practical to use on the fireground but maybe for training or just a tool in the toolbox. Don't know if they make one for Ipad but at least worth a look at.

I've found the ones listed here to be very helpful.

ERG......wiser........obviously google earth........ extricate ex field guide is pretty logger



for training...tactical fire table.......the fire fighter pocket book


these are ones I use on my ipad and iphone4s



i know there is alot of debate about apps and if they should be used or not....but to me it is just more for the tool box.....most who against it...resist technology

Our Firefighters' Association has produced our own Apps in-house for both Iphone and Droid. While they are free, they are designed with our department and surrounding mutual aid department's in mind. They are good examples of what is possible when building out your own Apps.

looks like they have some good ones for yu guys, I guess I should look into making some apps for us......I am the tech guy of the dept LOL

I have the fire/ems shift generator, 911 toolkit, rescue knots and un number/erg apps on my phone and they are all pretty useful. I definitely recomend taking a look at them. Good luck!

iPhone Suggested Apps...

I grouped some of the apps on my iPhone that I thought would be helpful for others. The links supplied above from the Los Angeles County Fire Dept are exemplary and should be looked at and downloaded. The apps listed above are bread and butter apps that make the job a little easier and provide good information. Exceptional post and responses Lutan.

- Mike

Magic Plan CSI is pretty good if you want make a layout of a room for inspection or investigation purposes. Also, MX Hydrants is good for logging the hydrants in your district.

My department is starting to use Extinguish MDT on iPads/iPhones for our preplans and hydrants instead of our laptops. We're actually able to find our preplans quickly with this app. Here's a link:

It's not really a personal app, more of a department-wide app that replaces or is a supplement to a laptop based MDT. You have to take the time to get all of your information in their system first, but it's really useful for us.

911 toolkit and Wiser are ones I use too.

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