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Cairns 10-10 with bourque shield. Never really had ant problems with it. Don't care for the 880s though. Just can't make it adjust to feel comfortable.
Anyone want to swap their helemt for a NZ Senior Firefighter one? email me and i'll send you a pic of it.
In Europe we use a very different style of helmets for our structural firefighting.
All of them have build in face shield and eye protection.
SCBA mask can be connected to the helmet using special clips. This way u can put on your SCBA mask without taking your helmet of your head.


Draeger HPS 6200

Rosenbauer Xtreme

These are my helmets. First one is for structural firefighting:

Second one is my rescue helmet:

we use bullard but dont care much for them
I have that Rosenbauer Xtreme in my new dep..

Like it, it´s light weight, neck protection is better that old Rosenbauer Heros
"old" Rosenbauer Heros:

Xtremes flashligt is absolutely best i have ever used.
You can see that light in that picture. Part of that upper black plastic.

In my profile, there´s some photos of my bunker gear and that old helmet..

LAFD uses the Phenix Technology Helmet
Love em
they are great, light weight, durable, and small
(above helemt is a Capt., orange = capt
yellow = FF
Black =Explorer

My volunteer station wears the cairns 1010 but my paid house wears tha cairns 880...i prefer the 1010 but they are both good helmets
Either the Cairns NewYorker with skull saver or the 1010.Hughie The 57 House
Does this helmet have a skull saver in it because this helmet looks smiliar to the old Philadelphian Helmet which was classified as a Rescue Helmet not an Interior helmet. So would wear that to a crash but not inside a structure it doesn't seem like it gives you the protection that you need while inside. Since I don't know much about this helmet everdently its a helmet used on the West Coast so I would like to know more about it. Hughie The 57 House
I would love to know more about each one of these helmets and the benefits and disadvantages to each one and can they be bought and made in America?? I got one question when you connect the SCGA mask to the helmet you say with clips can those clips break does it give a seal to get fresh air while in a structure?? Hughie The 57 House

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