When I ask people what advice they would give to a new instructor or training officer, I often get this long speech. At times, I've forgotten what I've asked by the time they are done with the answer. So I thought I would pose the question a new way. Twitter allows a 140 character statement, so in a way, we are required to be short, concise, and to the point. So here goes... if you were to Twitter advice to a new instructor... what would it be?

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Patience and as Gene Hackman said in the movie "the Replacements", got to have heart.
If you don't know something, don't make it up, find the right answer even if it takes some research on your part.

Know your stuff
Many will no some of what u r teaching. Don't talk down 2 students. Learn as u teach. Don't lecture. Have Fun. B urself. Offer participation
Now THAT's creative! LOL
Be prepared, make sure you know your equipment, lesson plan and have a backup plan if your AV equipment fails.
Remember that at the moment of truth you will not rise to the level of expectation, you will fall to the level of training! This is true for instructors too. Be well prepared for your instruction. If your teaching a 4 hour segment, plan on 8 hours of preparitory work to really make it worthwhile for your students. By showing that kind of commitment to any given subject, you'll find an attentive class and one that leaves with a hunger to learn more.
Don't be condescending. (that means to talk down to them)
You can't teach really important concepts in 140 characters or less. Dump Twitter and learn how to teach.
Eschew Obsfucation.
As I sit here reading all the other responses I truly believe that just about everyone that has responded is right. As a New Instructor there are several things that I would like to add. Chief Lasky put it best "Pride and Ownership", you too most train yourself. You too have to take classes to keep up on current events so when you teach you not only teach traditional ways but the right way too. I always tell my students that I don't have all the answers, but what I do know I am damn good at it. I have been blessed to have been around some of the best instructors in my 30 + years in this industry. Have respect for yourself and they too will respect you. I too have made some mistakes myself, so please admit when your wrong and they will respect you a long way. Don't try to be their friends you are there to teach them, and please do not put them down when they make a mistake too. Please, please don't second guess yourself and don't let them second guess themselves either. Be careful of what you say, how you say it, and that you don't offend anyone; male , female, race, and or religion. You have to set the bar for yourself but you also have to be able to think outside the BOX..... Good Luck and if there anything that I can ever do to help you out please don't hesitate to contact me..... JKJ

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