Well the weirdest thing ive ever found was at a structure fire in a vacant house it had been vacant for about 10 years and i found a really old prosthetic leg and i still have it sitting in the firehouse lol

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I hear banjos!!! Paddle faster!!
Damn! The only train call I ever recieved was to pick up the pieces of a guy that was sleeping on the train tracks. Let's just call it "pink mist".
I was responding to an ambulance call late on night in January to one of the convention halls in my city. My battalion chief had arrived on scene and told us to bring in a full c-spine setup and the stretcher. After we grabbed what we needed we walked into the building and over to the dance floor where it looked like a 400 lb fat person was laying buck naked and spread eagle. My partner looked over to me with the "what the hell is that!" look on his face and I couldn't help but smile. Once we got to the patient it turned out to be a 90 lb woman in a sumo suit that had passed out. As we were peeling the suit off of her we realized she was naked as a jay bird!!
It so hot in these suits! could explain both passing out and being naked...
or - nekkid sumo - is just good clean fun... no rational "hot" reasoning needed... just good clean fun, I tell ya, good clean fun !!!
we went to a p lab (meth lab ) and had a hot bomb explode and blow a huge hole in the side of the house just as we got off the truck . Needless to say we all thought of climbing back on getting the hell out of there .
Ya sound like my kinda girl...haha jk
The weirdest thing at a fire huh.....
I've been a firefighter a long time, and the weirdest thing I have ever seen was at a RSF where the genius of a land lord decided that just because the gas company had shut the service off that wouldn't stop him. The fool took the element from a hotplate and wired a pigtail to it, then ran that to an extension cord that ran along the celling to an outlet. The best thing though was that it wasn't the cause! That came from an upstairs bedroom.
The wierdest thing I've found at fires were some of the other firefighters.
What does RSF stand for?
Residential Single Family?
myself and to other guys responded to s smoke alarm sounding. We get there lady was standing outside in a house coat. me and a proby walked into the living room and found candles, lotions, toys, wigs all kinds of creepy shit the lady was in her 70s it was disturbing!!!!

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