Well the weirdest thing ive ever found was at a structure fire in a vacant house it had been vacant for about 10 years and i found a really old prosthetic leg and i still have it sitting in the firehouse lol

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We were on building fire back in the woods along a creek which we had to call in 4x4 brush units to get to it. The thing burn to the ground. We are standing there and a black snake crawled up out of the ashes. We got ahold of it and moved it to a safe place and continued putting out what was left.
Wow man think i would have taken it killed it put it in a tree so it would rain and then hauled butt outta the woods cause a snake coming out of the ashes might be a satanic sign lol hahahahahaha
Porn on VHS. We had a major structure fire a couple years ago. It was one of those all nighters. After the fire was out I was digging through some debris to get to a hot spot, and I discovered someone's very large and old collection.
Don't know how weird it is, but my very first structure was a house that belonged to a....woman of substance...shall we say? During overhaul, one of the guys was dragging a smoldeing trash bag out the door when it ripped open and spilled about 200 LARGE bras onto the front step. After 20 or so trips by several firefighters across the front porch, as we were heading back to the the truck for the last time, I looked back and busted out laughing at the small front yard which was covered with giant bras. All different colors, animal prints...you name it.


hey stop talking about my delicates....
We had a live, smoldering cat come running out of the rubble of a total loss house fire - building flat, not even one wall standing... We were busy managing the propane tanks nearby and as we were pulling through the rubble working on hot spots - out runs this half-charred LIVING long-haired cat.

Who knows how or where - but it was freaky - very pet cemetary - used up at least 6 lives in that fire !!!

Luckily it was winter and we had feet of snow nearby so we doused her in snow - then the neighbor took her to the vet - and the kitty lived.

The homeowners were un-reachable (pre-cell phone) on vacation in Hawaii - so they came home 8 days later to a flat house, losing 100% of their possessions - except their Super Hero Cat !!!
during salvage a large painting of the homeowners wife...nude. we tried to ignore it but i overheard her say to her husband,"they found it, i can see it in their faces" she was embarassed...we wanted to make sure she-i mean they had someplace to stay

can't stand in the way of undying (smoldering hot) love
Wow yall have run in to some weird stuff
Framed photo collection of the owner's wife (good looking older model) in some very interesting S and M positions... funny thing was he wasn't the guy in the photos...
Back in 1999 we had a fully involved structure fire on the bluff (extremely hard to get to and the only vehicle we could get on scene was our brush truck and first due engine which later got stuck and we had to walk 1/4 mile to get to the house) and was pretty much already gone. Myself and another firefighter were sitting on a hoseline when I looked at the tree next to me and freaked out at what I saw. It looked like someone chopped off two feet and rested them up against the tree. It looked horrifyingly real so I got a stick and poked at them and realized that they casts of someone's feet. NASTY!!!
Got a call for a electrical outlet buzzing. Upon arrival, lady told us her kitchen outlet beside her sink was buzzing. After investigating and hearing the buzzing sound, traced the sound to the drawer closest to the outlet. Inside the drawer we found and made the caller aware that it was a vibrator that was making the buzzing sound. I had never seen a person turn that shade of red. Another satisfied customer!!!!!

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