Weirdest Stories of why this happened to me/ oh i poked my self in the eye i want to go to the hospital i think i might be dying

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while working at the 9-1-1 center we had a guy fall in the shower and become impaled in a shovel handle.....he died
Best call ever, its 3 am and this lady calls the local police number, since no one is in the office she has to leave a message. It states that her smoke detector wont stop beeping and she wanted someone to come fix it. The officers who work overnights have the messages forwarded themselves. They call the lady and tell her she needs to speak with the fire department. She finally makes a call to the county wide alarm room and they dispatch us. Well because its an older lady and because her smoke detector is going off, we get a full station response. We get to the house and the lady and her husband are standing in front of a smoke alarm thats clearly not going off, stating this is the only one left with batteries in it.
Now we have the older couple and approximately 15 firemen walking around the house looking for this beeping sound. The old man decided to take out the trash at now 4 am and the beeping stopped.
In the end it was some kind of handheld electronic that was in the trashcan and still had batteries in it.
The best part was we got back to the station and another fireman who loved to quiz me asked so what was it?

my response was.... a beeping trashcan
Some of still use it as a reference.
"thats almost as stupid as a beeping trashcan"
ewww I once thought I had an ant crawl in my ear and made a friend who was a nurse look in it.... then just flushed it.
Have not seen the cat but i got a new tennis raquet!
I found my kitty... Zoomba... she was marking her territory in Ralph's house... and she says she is going to kick your ass if you come near any cats while pretending to know how to play tennis...

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