We got knocked out on a kitchen fire this morning. On arrival we found a whole house blackened the stove, microwave, and some cabinets had burnt over the week end the owner found it this morning. Im geussing it burnt all the O2 up and whent out.

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I should have said fire run we saw no fire.

I hate to sound so cynical, but by looking at the burn pattern, here is my assessment:

I believe the fire originated in the frying pan on the stove. The owner was cooking something and either fell asleep or left for a brief time and returned/awoke when the fire was in the incipent stage. He broke the triangle by removing the pan and turning off the stove.

Later, fearing his insurance wouldn't pay for his mistake, made up his "This is how I found it!" explanation.

Here are my reasons:

From the pics, it does not appear that this fire burned very long, but was fairly hot when it did. The soot evidence doesn't look like it "smoldered" very long either. I would suspect much more smoke evidence had it burned long enough to smother itself. Also, the hallway looking space to the left of the stove with what looks like an external door would provide a good amount of O2 to get this one going good, if the chain isn't broken.

I'd want to know what remained in the frying pan. My suspicion is bacon....or some kind of meat.

Just my opinion, I welcome yours!


Well it was an office that was closed all weekend but it is being investigated. The pan was stuck to the stove but there was some type of glass container that had shattered also on the stove. First one ive made with that kind of heat to melt medal and then go out. And i welcome your comments thats why I posted it. to hopefully learn something today.
We ran a similar incident years ago. The people came home smelled smoke and called 911. Three engines and truck and what ever else was manned reposnded. We got there opened the door to the basement of a spilt level house and the whole basement was burned out. Why it didn't burn up through the floor to the upstairs we never figured out unless the air was used up or the water pipes melted and put the fire out.
I'll give it my Jr. Fire Investigator. Walls look like plaster. My guess, at least if this were locally, is this bldg. was built in the 50's, maybe early 60's at beat. Plaster walls will hold a lot of heat. Not a good angle but the windows don't show a lot of evidence that this fire smoldered for any period of time. The smoke patern above the microwave may be from burning, dripping plastic. very smokey, but not a lot of BTUs there. Looks like a standard 'unattended food' call
'Tis very weird. I have not personally seen anything like this in person, but have on the local news cast. A home near Pittsburgh, PA ended up having a fire over some weekend several months ago. A neighbor had noticed he had not seen his elderly neighbors in a few days, he went to check on them and noticed that the front two windows on either side of the front door were blackened by smoke soot. He immediately called 911. Upon the fire departments arrival the fire was already out, it was a small kitchen fire as well, contained to a small portion of the kitchen as well, but it had done more damage and harm than everyone had initially realized. The fire ended up being a double fatal.

Their conclusion; The home was so well insulated that the fire snuffed itself out, of type III construction. And also so well insulated that the smoke gradually dissipated over a couple days period, not all at once like in a normal structure fire, thus not alerting any of the neighbors sooner.

Steve, I'm wondering, what type of construction is this business made of. Also, was the stove knob second from the left in the off position before you guys removed it? And it appears that the knob on the far left is missing, was it removed or not there to begin with? If the latter, could you tell from the metal attachment clip what position it would have been in?

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