I know there have been some posts in certain groups about this series but I wanted to share this with all of you on FFN whether you're career or a volunteer these clips are a must see. If you're interested, go to YouTube and type in "Volunteers The Series in the search bar. There's also videos on Vimeo as well. I am definitely captured by these videos and clips.

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I know how much time it takes to edit a music video like the one I just saw. These guys are investing a lot of time in their series. I wish them well in their endeavor.

Well Norm I do have experience in the video editing field. If you do it well it takes some time to put together. They are indeed investing a lot of time. I hope to see more material in the near future.

  I seen this series when they came out with the first one and were pushing to get it on t.v.  I've always thought someone should do a show on firefighters (whether paid or volley) like the show cops and I was hoping they would get it on t.v.  However after seeing a couple of the more recent videos I'm having second thoughts.

  I'm a small business owner who has been a volunteer firefighter for 17 years, I decided to help my community by becoming trained as a firefighter to serve that community.  The videos portray an image that I feel doesn't fit me.  Do I like to grab the line, kick the door in, and go into a burning house to fight a fire you better believe I do however I'm not some heavy metal music guy with the t-shirt that says "I fight what you fear". 

  If you're going to call it Volunteers and base it on the volunteer side of the fire service then show the volunteer side.  Show the beginning when the tones drop and the volunteer firefighter drops whatever they're doing and respond.  Volunteer means sometimes having to leave the kids birthday party or miss dinner with the family because the pager went off, grant it that's not as "sexy" as being at the station, getting on the truck, and pulling the line to go to work and I'm not against showing that otherwise it would be pretty boring.  Don't get me wrong I like seeing the videos and pictures of working scenes however how do I know those firefighters are volley or paid with gear on I believe we're all the same as we should be, firefighters who are doing what firefighters are trained to do.

  If they can get shows on t.v. about people in Louisiana who hunt alligators or rednecks that make duck calls I would think the possibility of a show about firefighters whether paid or volley would be able to get on t.v. pretty good, just leave the heavy metal music out of it.    


I understand what you're saying. I'm sure there's more to it than what they have released. They probably have raw footage of responses and what not. I think the videos they have as of now are for promotional use and selling points they may present to broadcast channels they might want to have the series on. I'm not sure though.

I recognized many of the shots I saw in the piece I viewed. I hope they don't encounter any copyright problems. That could be an issue if they try to sell their videos for broadcast or for personal viewing. They've probably already given that a lot of thought.

I doubt a show like this would be picked up for tv.  Not enough happens.  Most runs at the fire house aren't exciting at all.  It would take A LOT of filming to get enough footage.  Even working in one of the busiest departments in the country, it's 99% boring runs.

One show with us that turned out pretty good was Nerve Center.  However, it was only enough for one episode.  An entire season would be tough to do.  They tried with The Battalion, but it wasn't that great.  Here's a link to Nerve Center: http://watch.discoverychannel.ca/nerve-center/season-1/nerve-center...

I agree Cap,

The issue with any FF type of series is that you have to be in the right place at the right time and even then, you are limited in what you see. When your view is always outside, or inside after the "action", viewers get turned off. The reality with this job is that what we really see and do can't be either shown on TV or just too difficult to film.


Majority of any interior operation is usually too dark to film and to really see anything worth airing. Surround and drown operations only have so much appeal for the general viewer. Medical calls only have so much appeal and then you also have to deal with HIPAA issues which limits what can be viewed.


In the end, such series have been tried and typically failed. The BRAVEST was one that perhaps went on the longest and was closest to a recurring series but didn't provide what the viewers wanted. FIREHOUSE USA lasted one season and was cancelled. The BATTALION has been pushed to mainstream media but they are just not interested, I just don't see such a series like this having the draw these others didn't.

The best thing I've seen in a long time is "Burn." It's the documentary about the battle to save Detroit.

Here's a link to their site:  http://www.detroitfirefilm.org/

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