A few days ago a lady said "my husband is not a real firefighter, he's only a volunteer" As a vol firefighter I was realy ticked! but chose to keep my mouth shut! lol what are some of your thoughts on this statment, and how would handel it if it were said to you?


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 Jolly Vollie,

The truth is simple, and while you may not agree or like it it is the truth, a firefighter than fights urban fires, including highrises, will ALWAYS be better at it than a rural/small city firefighter because that is what they do.  Just as a rural firefighter will ALWAYS be better at fighting rural fires because that is what they do.  Could both do the other job?  Of course they could, just not as good as the other.


I don't have anything to relax over.  My post was neither derogatory or controversial.  Just simply the truth.  Funny thing is you said almost exactly the same thing I did, just from a different way.

It's all good, we're cool.


You stay safe too.


Let me tell YOU what, quit being a drama queen. No where, no how did I insult the guard or reserve.  YOU know exactly the point I was making but clearly you're one of those people who prefer to become extreme and excitable.  Watch FoxNews much?

As far as who served whom, I did my time, your welcome, in the US NAVY Seabees, back when we wore marine green, so again, DON"T get all high and mighty and don't pull your crap again by making false claims that I've insulted the guards or reservists.  Your comment was bullshit, plain and simple. If you can't have a decent conversation without making false (bullshit) claims then you should just move on. Or more plainly, STFU. 

Drama Queen?  Coming from you that is hilarious.  You have tried to pick apart everything I have posted.  You obviously have reading comprehension problems since you read my stuff, tell me I am wrong, and then say almost exactly the same thing.


Fox news?  Sorry sonny, I am a UNION FIREFIGHTER, and a UNION TEACHER.  Me and Republicans don't see eye to eye.  Nice try at a smear though I guess you ran out of anything worthwhile to say.


Thanks for your service.  Not sure what it has to do with anything on this topic, but thanks.  You say you didn't insult anyone, sorry not how I see it and perspective is EVERYTHING.


You are pretty funny, you post all kinds or ridiculous nonsense in response to my posts and then have the stones to call my stuff Bull Shit.  Not much fun having someone make you look foolish is it.  Too bad.  Grow up, or move along, there is no requirement for you to read the stuff I post.  if you don;t like it skip over it and move along.  And if the urge to post a response to me comes over you, follow your own advice and shut up. 

hahahahaha  what an arrogant ...! Read your own stuff.

I notice you didn't bother to address your blatantly false, bullshit statement about insulting guards or reserves.  I guess you've proven you lack of reading comprehension.

Ridiculous nonsense in response to your stuff? OMG you really don't get it, nor do you see how you come across.  You pick a fight with anyone that disagrees with your royal decrees.  You MUST be chore to work around, glad you're where you are...the epicenter of ALL that is the fire service. 

Funny, YOU keep saying if I don't like something to move on.  Pity you're such a hypocrite to not take your own advice.  And once again, if you don't like MY comments, then just feel free to have a nice big drink of STFU.  Db.

What a maroon!


Hey jack/dt,


Not sure why but this site won't let me comment to you under your post so here we go.


To quote Clint eastwood from Heart Break Ridge:  

"Sir, with all due respect, you're beginning to bore the hell out of me."


If I need anymore laughs I will read your disjointed nonsense, other wise I have far more important things to do.


Do try to relax, maybe an adult beverage would help.  Have a nice life.


Let me tell you what, you had better remove or apologize to the Guard and Reserve members you insulted.


Yes, perspective is everything and I will say I agree with both here when it comes to the points made.


First, in regards to the Guard/Reserve remarks, I have to side with Jack here. I have been on these forums long enough to see plenty of the C vs V arguments and issues and it really does come into play sometimes to be called out. One of the biggest issues is the "vollies are on duty 24/7/365" blah, blah, blah. Yet anyone who has ever been a volly knows all too well about selective responses and the mere fact you don't respond every single time the pager goes off.


So when it comes down to the Guard/Reserve component, Jack isn't far off from this either. Just like C vs V, you get the same damn thing in the military, with reservists, guardsman being referred to as "Weekend Warriors" and so forth. Yet, the fact does remain the sentiment is accurate. There really IS a difference between one who is enlisted or committed for the long term and one who does this as a weekend and 2 weeks a year. Now no doubt the wars has demanded more from reservists/guard and no doubt they have served quite honorably and have even done several deployments, however, I see nothing out of line from the basis of the example presented. Jack also pointed out the difference in city and county/state cops, etc, but I didn't see an outcry there, so why not.



Yet, I also agree with Don, in the sentiment being presented. I have often seen the side presented from some of our resident big city firefighters here in regards to staffing, tactics, etc, etc. This can also get old too like the volly and being on duty 24/7 doing it all for free stuff. When it does come down to the primary response areas, Don is right. A volunteer FF who's primary type of responses happen to fall in the rural area is going to understand the needs for water shuttle, draft points/water sources, staffing issues and so forth. When it comes to such a set up, they most likely will be ahead of those urban FF's who have plenty of staffing and resources readily available.


On the same side, Don is saying that a big(ger) city FF is going to know their district and operations better than a rural volunteer FF. They know it better because the vollie typically isn't seeing the same type of stuff. It is also most likely that big city FF is seeing way more fire than the average vollie who "does the same job".



So for me, in the end, I see both sides here. I for one get a bit nauseated with the mantra on both sides with the big city stuff and the we do it for free and do the same job approach. In the end, both sides can be good at what they do and the differences were highlighted................in the end, that is what they are, differences.



When the best you can do is to quote from a fictional movie character to make your point, it's really not worth the effort.

As to my "disjointed nonsense", I think not.  I write rather well thought out, cogent comments. If you are unable to follow  what I write then you should see if you can find someone with appropriate reading skills and comprehension to help you.

See...we're more alike than either would care to admit.  I too have *more important* things to do, but stopping in to see what other nonsense you've written is rather enjoyable.

Nice to see you're  online degree program also included distance-counseling but simply telling me to relax would have no greater effect than me telling you to STFU.  Also, do you really think the best advice you can offer is to consume alcohol?  That kind of suggests you fall back to alcohol under stress.  Not really a good idea.

Again, you have STILL failed to amend or further clarify your comment about me insulting the Guard and Reserve, why is that?  Have you realized that you made a bullshit statement but lack the balls to be a man and apologize?  Yeah...I pretty much thought so.

Take the high road Jack.  Let it go.  You are nothing more than a parody of yourself at this point.


But you do make me laugh...


I think at this point you've shown your true colors to all who bother to read your bullshit nonsense.

You made this statement:


 Read what I said to Jolly Vollie. 

Let me tell you what, you had better remove or apologize to the Guard and Reserve members you insulted.  Because they have done more than their share of fighting and dieing in the current wars as well as past ones.  

I've asked you a couple of times to defend your above statement and you continue to ignore it. You ignore it because you know that your claim was a lie.  And since your claim was a lie, I guess that would make you a liar.  No real big surprise but I thought I'd point out for the sake of the illiterati.

I think that, when it's all said and done, what stands out in discussions you're involved in is that you become arrogant, then rude and now, rather insulting.


Take the high road Jack.  Let it go.  You are nothing more than a parody of yourself at this point.

What would you know about the high road, given your apparent proclivity to lie?

As for being a parody of myself, you couldn't possibly know that since you don't know me.  So while you know the word parody, you clearly don't understand it.

You're right in one respect though, it is time to move on.

I still stand by my point that you insulted the Guard and Reserve and you KNOW you did.  The intent was clear.  Volly versus paid.  Guard versus Regular military. 


You wouldn't know the high road if you were standing on it and got ran over by a truck.  Your last post accused me of having a drinking problem.  Very classy.   Sorry jack, I can't drink, I am a diabetic.  Want to try to come up with an insult for that?  You are a little man jack, you resorted to insults and trying to prove how smart you are by using big words.  Nice try.  But again, it just make you look foolish and mean spirited.  I have tried twice to walk away from this and you got meaner and more vile with your insults each time.  Here's some advice, grow up, this is just the internet and other than the fact you look like an ass I couldn't begin to care less what you think of me or say about me.  The truth is the crap you have said about me says far more about you than me.  For you to call me arrogant, rude, and then rather insulting, is the height of hypocrisy.


Now say whatever you wish, I am done talking to you.

Changed my mind...you just aren't worth it jack.


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