are they more likely to supply (more)training than paid dpts?


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way more factors to discuss then to simply answer yes or no.
Its not a fact of paid or volunteer.

There so many other factors that weigh on how much training a department can supply.

From my experience going around the country and networking it differes by town, department, state, county you name it no one trains the exact same as another department. I know some volunteer companies that train on a daily basis and some that hardly ever train and I also know paid departments that have regular scheduled and daily trainings and some that dont.

It comes down to the members, the budget, time constraints, where in the country you belong again (city, small rural town, county, etc).

With volunteer departments I think its more of a hit or miss because there are different types of volunteer fire departments. For example you have volunteer stations where the only time the firefighters see the firehouse are if they go down on their own, or if there is a call. But then you also have volunteer companies (atleast on the east coast dont know about anywhere else) that live at the firehouse 24/7.

And with paid departments I know towns and cities that have regular daily training on shift where they take the company out of service for a training, or just inhouse training and then I also know of paid fire departments where the only actual training the firefighters get are during their monthly training meetings.

So it can go either way just depends on where you are from.
Our Vol. Dept trains 3 times per month on wed nights. We also have thew option to go to any training courses we want to to better ourselves(officers courses included). Is that normal or do we have a really proactive Chief? We also do group training with other local Fire Depts on weekends pretty regularly(?) So I'm not sure if thats more training or not...Also the wed night we don't have fire training we have First Reponse... I'm pretty interested in what this discussion is going to bring....STAY ALERT. STAY SAFE
The thing with going to any training courses to better yourselves is in alot of areas around the country. In alot of states that have a fire academys they offer courses to every fire department and firefighter in the state. These courses range from rehabilitation on the fire ground to mass casaulty training, live fire, officer courses and even instructor courses (just a few offered in MA). But to add to your training if you ever get the chance or have the time check out the national fire academy. They have free online training and also offer courses that are 2 days all the way up to 2 weeks down in Emmitsburg, MD. Took one of the 2 day courses while on a school vacation to the academy and it is definately something to look into if you have the time and money. (Because depending on where in the country you are a trip to MD might cost a little bit of money).
I work for a volunteer department and the department trains 1 night a month together. I have never been turned down when requesting additional training that is offered by the state, but certainly in my small town, everything gets a cost/benefit analysis as the budget is quite low.
Well our dept is fairly small so everyone pretty much needs to know about every area, We do however leave some things on a recognize only basis (we don't do hazmat, we don't realy train a lot with hydrants because we don't have any) ,and I am new to all this so i can not honestly anwser your first question entirely...We will send the whole team if space permits...That will never happen ofcourse, but we would. We are in an Unincorporated township so from what I understand we are supplemented by the Ontario Fire Marshal...for some things, training I believe at the Fire College is one of those areas .
Paid departments are certainly going to have consistant, well-established training guidelines and programs. Volunteer departments will vary. Each will be different, depending on the leadership and the state's requirements. Many volunteer departments have very good training programs. We are volunteers. We train weekly on both fire and ems on a schedule that repeats annually.
My department trains every meeting. We hold 2 meetings a month ( business and training), in which the business meeting is short followed by training. Then we have a make up training meeting every month, and if possible we train with neighboring depts. Just because your volunteer doesn't meen you train like a volunteer. YOU CAN NEVER TRAIN ENOUGH! Even if your paid full time or what ever, training is the most important tool you will ever use.
We train every week on Mondays
No easy answer...Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

For example, Raymond (posted above me) stated they train twice a month, probably 2 hours per night. So he gets 4 hrs of training a month, times 12 months for a total of 48 hours per year. (If he attends all the meetings) Now I am sure he attends some outside training as well. We are looking at department training.

Now my department (happens to be paid) we work 16 shifts per month. We train at a minimum 1 hour per shift, sometimes 2 hrs but lets use 1, so we get 16 hours per month, times 12 months for 192 hrs per year, (if I do not take a day off as well). That figure doesn't include about 20 EXTRA shifts per year in which I work OT, (those shifts include mandatory training as well), plus I have also checked all the trucks and equipment 192 + times a year for which is not documented as training but is considered hands-on experience.

Last year I had 500 hours of continuing education logged on firehouse. All of which was done on-shift.

Then again I am sure not everybody is the same and some paid departments might do hardly any training.... I am just stating my experiences.
for 4 to 5 hours each Monday
Here in Musquash we are all vollunteer . Check out our website, lots of information on our training

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