How does your department handle training that leads to state certifications? Do youi conduct such training "in-house", or do you send individuals or groups to a local "fire academy? Does your department require the individual to foot the reimbursable tuition costs up front, or does the department pay all costs?

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County or local fire department does the class then recruits have to go to the state fire academy for their skills testing. Our county the department covers costs for the course and skills day which is relatively inexpensive in MS.
same here. although fire control is also taken at the academy for live fire drills, then return at a later date to do the skills testing and written test.
No such thing here as 'local fire academy'. Our training (in a State wide fire service) is handled both in-house and with area (paid) trainers. Training is under a national system - after each section of training we receive national accreditation. In-house trainers must be qualified in both training and the individual modules being delivered. There are no costs to the trainee nor the individual station.
1 of our members is an we do some in house and get our certs.....we also run classes about once a month and sometimes get different insrtuctors....right now runnin down all 1403 classes.....we are also allowed to go to any weekend rescue colleges that are going pay first.....pass and dept pays it....1 out of town trip allowed per year
We go to the Tech center, all free training, plus lots of in-house and on the job experiance...
We train through the County Office of Emergency Services...All courses are Certification level throught the State OFPC...taught by Certified Fire Instructors...Paid for by the County....Usually taught in the evening with a few Saturdays thrown in for good measure.....
N.C. requires 3hrs a month as my dept, asks for 5 hrs. We take college courses in which the dept covers, at the end of each class we get a certificate. we have saturday training every sat for about 4 hrs and that covers what is that training for that day, we use the essentials 5th edition to make sure we cover it right as well as any NFPA standards that follow.
In are area there are several ways to get your training here. In-house where one department will host a class and allows other departments to come for a small fee. Indiana volunteer firefighters association has broke the state into districts. They pay for the instructor and furnish books. There is no charge to anyone for this training. Anyone from the state can attend as long as you are a firefighter and meet the prerequisites for that class.
Are department will pay all cost for training even room and board, gas if you travel to take the class. They will pay for EMS training but new firefighters must start as a first responder for a few years so folks don't join long enough to get a cert paid for and leave. They have paid for me to go to the University of Illinois for classes even though Indiana won't recognize it. But we gain knowledge so they pay for it.
a couple depts provide in house training to NFPA standards. Otherwise most other fire depts send their new members to the regional academy facilitated by the local college and regional training association.

Then state certification is by task performance overseen by 3 instructors/currently certified members to the level being challenged.
We try to have as many classes as we can in house. We are lucky in the fact that we have 4 adjunt instructors on the department. If a certification class is not offered in house then the firefighter has to travel to take the class. Our Town used to reimburse the firefighters for the books, meals, etc. but due to tough times and the budget unfortunately we have to pay out of pocket at this time. Most classes are within driving distance and the costs are not that great.
We try to have as many in-house classes as we can. When we do take a class to test and take the practical testing we go to the fire training grounds in our area which are about 30 minutes from my town.We are lucky because we have many certified Instructors on our department that teach all the state classes. But sometimes we do need to travel to other departments in our area. However, like so many other departments our Town has stopped reimbursement for anything for training, i.e books, travel cost and meals, due to budget restraints. If you don't have to travel far then the cost is minimal. There are about 3 of us that attend training at the Center for Domestic Preparedness in Alabama. There you receive a FEMA certificate, which my state recognizes for ICS-300 and 400. The cost to attend the CDP is free to all first responders.
Training is done in house, If you want a cert. they go to the state and take the test and do skills. We have a county owned training center. Burn building, tower, car fire trainer, and propane training tanks we also added a flammable liquid pit. New Mexico

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