Ok just to give a brief overview of our system and department. We have 4 inch tags that has just the ff name on it. When ff's arrive on scene they are supposed to put there tags on the primary engine. At structure fires we have an average of 40 to 50 ff's. Whether they are in POVs or rode on a piece of apparatus. Thats a lot of ff's to keep up with for a volunteer dept. And as you know everyone wants to be on the hosepipe so its a rush to the attack lines. No one wants to to the dirty work. We have no system other than ffs putting there tags on the engine if they even do that! But even then IC has no idea where his ff's are. How can we control ff's from free lancing and keep them accounted for? Thanks for all the help!

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You need a qualified safety officer, incident commander get's tags to the first in crew, once safety gets on scene staging should be set up and everyone is to report there. He than controls all crews no one and i mean NO BODY get put to use until the safety officer has their tags and has assigned them to a crew. He tells them their task and keeps track of them all. GOD forbid something goes bad in your current system, heads will roll in a court of law!!!!!!!!!
This is some really good stuff. I am looking for pictures of Tags and Boards for research I am doing on making different kinds of tags. I see mentioned the passport system with 3 tags. I will search for more about that.

If you want to send pictures.



We do not have any tags at all. That being said we probably average 6 to 8 firefighters per structure fire. It is not very hard for the IC to keep track of who is where and doing what.
My dept. is in the same position....leave your tag on the engine, if you remember....and the IC doesn't know where anyone is for sure. It's surely dangerous.
Pretty much looks like everyone is on the same page on this one, training is the key!
We also use the 2 tag system, 1 goes to the apparatus you rode on 2nd one goes to ic when you're given an assignment. Being a volunteer myself, I know how difficult it is to force training but, if your officers are having trouble inforcing accountability utilize a police officer to keep them from entering the building. Sounds harsh but, it works and keeps your guy alive!

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