Okay here's my situation. I started with my fire department over 8 months ago. It took me 7 months to finally get voted in (2 probationary terms in our department) even though I was making all the meetings and trainings possible and doing everything it took, had it not have been for someone stepping up and saying they would go to the board against them if they did not voted me I would still be a probationary member. I bust my behind to try to show my dedication to being a part of my current fire department and I am still being given made up excuses as to why they cant do what I ask. I asked to learn to operate the trucks and get told my license is suspended, I check it and nothing on the record. I ask for a radio get told they wont give me one until I get a reliable transportation, yet they know I am within 5 minutes of two of our stations. I asked them help me go to school for my firefighter I and my first responder certs get told LSU FETI isnt doing the classes online right now and they still waiting on Acadian with the first responder courses. And I just finally got my gear after raising hell about it for the past 4 months. Basically I am sick of being walked all over. What can I do about this?

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What do your Bylaws and SOP/SOGs say to do if you want to complain about something?

I would also take a good hard look at yourself and see if there is anything you are doing or an attitude you have that is making people not want to work with you. I'm not saying it's right to do that, I'm just saying that it happens. If, after some self reflection, you feel the problem lies with other members of the department or how the fire department runs you have two choices I think. 1) Resign. Leave the department and go to another more forward moving department or 2) File a grievance (or whatever else your FD protocol/bylaws offer for conflict resolution) and follow your chain of command. Maybe a respectful, thoughtfully written letter to your direct Officer or Chief would be a tactful way to initiate resolution. 

I agree with Jamie on this one, I'm all for new members especially gung ho wanna do everything yesterday members. However there seems to be more to this story than what's being said The first question I would ask is 1) How do you conduct yourself in the firehouse. 2) Are you asking the right people the right questions. 3)Are you meeting the departments requirements with trading/Call/Meeting attendance. I see all too often people come in especially younger members and make demands, Big NO No, My department is struggling for manpower just like the rest however We don't need Clowns and Bullshit, I have passed quite a few people over just because of their attitude, Remember We are watched everywhere we go More often than not Someone notices you and will probably associate you with the organization. Actions speak louder than words. Now I'm not saying your some loud mouthed kid by any means. All I'm saying is step back and take a look at yourself and how you go about your business.

Talk to the Chief or your imediate Officer. Work within the chain of command of your organization. Airing your frustrations on-line is most likely creating more issuse for you. There is no GREAT GOV AGENCY thats gonna come down and make everything right for you. The leadership of your Dept is what it is. If you get no help from them then I would say move on.

Educate yourself in the Bylaws / SOGs / Local and State laws.. As for the driving question. As a Chief, I would want you to become familiar in how the station operates and see how you react to the training and actual calls. In my opinion, I cant stand a new FF asking about driving or operating anything until after they have shown they can grasp the basics of firefighting. It seems like this department has little to no leadership. I like the statement by Mr OConner. this could be the problem as there is two sides to every story. Just keep your head up and study, become a great firefighter.  Then worry about driver operator. 

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