I received a flyer from Sprint saying they offer a 22% discount to Fire Rescue Personnel on select cell phone plans... Does anyone know if Verizon does something similiar? I emailed them, and they said no, however I thought I heard an aquaintence of mine say they do... (for the life of me, I can't remember who..)

Thanks :)

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I am not sure about Verizon,but i know AT&T does,its not much but its better than nothing. I would go to the store and ask them about it.
well currently we do take advantage of the military discount through verizon..which is 15% i believe... but sad thing is we pay about $100 for 2 phones/lines and we don't even get service in our home area...so we were just looking for the cheapest option..when I saw the sprint discount I was curious to see if verizon had a similiar thing to..
Yes Verizon wireless has a option for first responders you have to ask for this option I save about 15% also I have the data package and it runs 15% off also , YOU do have ask though I also have 10% on any accessory as long as I got to a wireless store
If your department uses Verizon as their provider, it is not uncommon to have Verizon offer a savings to firefighter's, but only on their personal phone. The incentive for Verizon is to have ALL the firefighters use their service, hence the incentive program. Key point is what service your department uses. If it's Verizon then you will save some cash. My department takes advantage of this and I get a discount on my personal cell phone monthly.
Sprint can keep their discount! I will just get out some tin cans and string. LOL
do you have to have any specific paper to prove you are fire department personel when you go in???im on a small volunteer dept. & almost everyone has a southernlinc...it basically like verizons push-2-talk but it is its own company...they have txting & cellphone mins...& im thinking about getting a regular cell phone...this is good to know thanks...
do you think a jr ff or ems explorer could get a discount anywhere? lol my bill is killing me
Verizon does offer a discount to FD. I got 20% taken off my bill. All I had to do it show my FD ID as proof that I was a member. I have notice that you need to talk to a manger when you go. The staff up front work on commission and a discount doesn't mean money in their pocket. Just be nice and cordial and the will provide it to you. This is a piece of paper that you need to fill out but, it takes about 3 minutes.
Awesome, thanks for the post! Do you know if verizon has a certain promo code to get this, or is it called something inparticular, or just the Fire Department Discount? And can you do it over the phone, or do ou have to go into a verizon store?

Thanks so much Hondo! :)
U need to go to the store and u need some thing to show your on a Fire Dept
i know i am going to check into that.. i need that.. for my account with my mom.. can change it to my name
I have sprint and I can say that my discount isnt 22%!!! Unless they changed it of course. i think mine is 15%.

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