Take a look at this video and let me know what you see. I posted the still frame from this video and had some great responses. Now, here is the whole thing.

What do you see and what would you do different if anything?

If the link doesn't work, go to http://firefightersenemy.com to see.

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Well there is a lot I see in which I would do different.
First off is the roof ladder, there should be no reason for a FF on the roof to open the hooks, the roof ladder should have had hooks deployed and ladder put over peak before getting on the roof.

Second, nobody is wearing an SCBA, despite being in smoke,

Third, working off the ladder, while the ladder was there, many times the FF's were off the ladder

Fourth, opening the hole by the vent at the peak.....the fire is already venting from the side, but is the hole above the fire, or could the fire be further inside where a hole more to the middle may be more appropriate. (judgement call)

Fifth, again FF standing at the peak, not off ladder

Sixth, how was the FF trained to cut a hole? He cut outside, then inside by the ladder, bottom and then top and the FF actually was standing on a weakened part of the roof from the cuts he just made. Make the first cut furthest from you, then top, then bottom, then closest to you. Never walk or operate around the area you just cut. Also try planting a pick head axe or halligan in the roof for a foothold. (cuts may not have been deep enough because the roof wasn't well louvered.)

Seventh, the hole is open....get off the roof

Eighth, water is sprayed at the fire on the eaves with guys still on the roof....a stream could knock a FF off the roof.
Though the smoke isn't that heavy at all, I do feel SCBA's are needed, an additional tool is needed for footing(halligan or pickhead), the firefighter doing most of the cutting needs to be more aware of where he's stepping and to remain on the ladder as much as possible. And finally, again, even though the smoke doesn't appear to be all that heavy or pushing very hard, a 1 3/4 safety line needs to be in place.

It's amazing how one still picture from the same incident, and the same job being done on said incident, can show the exact opposite of what is actually taking place.
As a explorer and not going over venting much, I do see some things that i would say is a area of concern in this situation. Like many have already said no SCBA were even on in this situation. Umm another area of concern i seen was were there people in the house at the time that they were venting? On what training i have seen done in a sitauation like this, is to never let anyone in the house while venting. I would say the reasoning behind that is you really do not know how the weak that structure can be know from a working fire. How many agree on that?
More often than not, venting is done in conjunction with crews working interior. Good points though, pointing out no SCBAs and the structure possibly being weakened by the fire.
Well PPE is a big one here, The power hadnt been cut to the power lines yet that could have got ugly. Once they had part of the whole opened up i never saw anyone punch threw the ceiling.
I agree with the other post about the hooks on the ladder, walking around off the ladder, and the hose line being aimed around the guys.
One more thing it didnt look like it had that much fire in it from what i saw on the video DID THEY NEED PEOPLE ON THE ROOF??

Just my 2 sents, But I hate roof work.
I also noticed the lack of punching through the ceiling, but it could have happened when the camera focused on the utility pulling power. As for power though, the fact the power has not been cut would not deter a decision to cut a hole, you just stay away from the lines.
I like the strategically placed police car.

Also there is a PASS alarm starting at about 0:40 and continuing for 25-30 seconds. Must have been an SCBA that had been ditched on the lawn after the fire was knocked down. No noticeable reaction on anyone's part.
Nice catch. I hope it was a ditched SCBA. Thanks for replying.
Cuts made from the outside first, working inward towards you. first cut on top, left to right, second from top down. Working to stay out of natural draft of cut, and certainly not working towrds the edge of the roof, away from ladder.

I have never heard of avoiding or prolonging vertical venting due to interior crews operating.
Why are they venting the roof at all????? This fire appears to be already vented...........
I think John covered it all!

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