As someone who has lived in two major citites, NYC and Boston, I noticed that units call their fire controls differently. For instance, the way Boston Fire does it is different than the way FDNY does it which is also different than my old volly county used to do it.




Boston Example Fire Alarm: Fire Alarm Calling Ladder 26.

L26: Ladder 26 answering

Fire Alarm: Ladder 26 an unknown type medical at xxx Mass Ave nearest box XXXX, OK Ladder 26?

L26: Ladder 26 has it

Fire Alarm: Ladder 26 has it 15-30 (time)


What are some neuances you've noticed about your dispatching "lingo"? I've noticed certain areas have certain recognizable phrases too...for instance FDNY is "K". What is yours?


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We call our dispatch county. So "county from rescue 5". 

If we respond out of county we say the county name and then from our county and unit id

see i dont mind our dispatch but since we went to the 800mhz radios we dont get to use 10 codes which sucks i like 10 codes. . for example we revieve a call they set the tones off and repeat the station number twice tell you the type of call and the address. once enroute they tell futher details. no responding is simple, example- 16engine1 central show this unit enroute to brush fire 564 talmadge road. now going out of county is a little tricky ., example 16engine1 central show us enroute to long county as mutual aide then we switch over to state mutual aide channel

County dispatch goes by 44-CONTROL here, we also use the "K". We are a stones throw from NYC

In Floyd County, Iowa our Comm Center is run by the Police Dept. in Charles City (largest city in the county). The Police Chief insists that we call them on the radio as Charles City P.D. Most of the towns in the county do, but we, as well as the FD in Charles City, have mostly gone away from it and call it Floyd County Communications.

We have tried to get away from 10 codes and just use plain language, one problem we're having is that dispatchers still use pretty much all 10 codes. An example of a page we may receive:

Dispatch- Marble Rock Fire, Marble Rock Fire you have a 10-33 10-52 to XXX North Main Street.

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