thank you all for the information that you added to my other discussions. I would like to get yalls take on turnout gear. What is the longest time you use turnout gear, as far as the age. I beleive NFPA says 10 years. correct me if I am wrong though. Also, what your brand of gear is, color, benefits of them, and costs or deals you can get. Also, traditional or turtle shell style helmets? thanks

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Right now between 3 fire departments and the tech college I have 2 brands of turnout gear I am currently using.


Globe:  #1 POC FD and my career FD.  They must be different cuts or style because I love the stuff at my career FD and intensely dislike the cut of the coat on my POC FD.  POC FD is PBI Gold colored, work is PBI Black.  NO the color is not why I like one and dislike the other.


Morning Pride:  Tech college for teaching.  I will say this gear used for instructing takes an absolute beating.  I am on my second pair of pants in 5 years ad my second coat is coming soon.  It is PBI black and I was told it is FDNY spec.  I like this gear very much.  It is light and comfortable.


My #2 POC FD gear is Morning pride pants and a Globe coat.  Same impression as above for them.


In the past I have worn Janesville, various styles, Bristol Boston Spec (MY ALL TIME FAVORITE GEAR), BodyGuard, and various brands of PPE for the military.  To me the most important issues for turnout gear are 1) Choosing the proper materials for the shell, vapor barrier, and thermal lining.  High protection with equally high attention paid to weight and flexibility.  2) FIT, FIT, FIT...if your FD is serious about getting the most use out of the gear have EVERY Firefighter measured and custom fit for gear.  Length of the pants is crucial to length of life.  Too long and the bottoms turn to rags.


Helmets is entirely a personal opinion.  Both style will protect you adequately as long as they meet NFPA.  My #2 POC FD, my career FD, and the tech college all issue traditional helmets.  My #1 POC FD issues Cairns N660C helmets, but we are allowed to purchase our own traditional as long as it meets current NFPA standards and is the appropriate color for your rank.


Age of gear for replacement should be governed by how hard your FD uses it with the NFPA standard as a maximum life for gear otherwise not damaged. 

We use Janesville gear. Black pants and Golding rod coats. They are under 4 years old. Traditional helmets.

We do the black pants and gold coats because we run a lot of mutual aid this allows use to spot are guys in a hurry. Right know we have 5 new members and are looking at the globe turnout gear. We will mostly fit our more active interior guys with the new gear and give the new guys the older gear. Then when they finish their training and show how active they are we will buy them new gear. At $2000.00 to outfit a member we like to make sure they are going to be active before we just outfit them in new gear.

The dept im in we use firedex and globe. Tan with yellow and silver striping.

Currently using Bristol gear tan with orange and silver trim. I like it...although they say I've washed it too much. Long story

Getting Quaker Black with green trim I believe cant wait to get it and try it out.

Cairns 1010's (traditional) issued. I currently am using a Cairns N5A New Yorker(LEATHER FOREVER!) 

I need to make a correction.  The turnout gear at my #1 POC FD is Quaker and this is the gear I dislike due to fit, and weight.

We have Globe X-Treme  right now. I love it. It fits well and is easy to move around in. It is also lighter than our previous gear. We use the tan color and have traditional style helmets. My gear is about 7 years old, well used and is still in good shape.  Our next gear will be either Morning Pride or Firedex because they put in the  lowest bids on our grant proposal. We shall see if it holds up as well as the Globe.

Personal gear for me:: tan Quaker with leather boots, traditional helmet.

Personal gear for my wife:: black Morning Pride with leather boots, traditional helmet.

Dept issued gear for whole dept, a mixed match of chieftan and morning pride black gear some older yellow, rubber boots and modern designed helmets.


needless to say our personal gear gets used more. way more comfortable on working structure fires than dept issued gear

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