On a volunteer company, who's job is it to get the new guys training and schooling. Who pays for the training, the new guys or the district ?

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For a level I class the Dept/district should pay for it, as for training there should be a minium amount of training required per NFPA and to keep your fire cards active that should be conducted by the Dept. as well.
In my dept. it is the chief and asst. chiefs job to get the new guys and gals training and schooling and our dept. pays for fire and ems classes. it's our training officer that does in house training .
All training should be paid for the state, at least thats how it works here in arkansas unless it is a guest speaker, or private program.
At our station the vets that have been there walk us through the training. All is paid for by the district/board of trustees
Our department pays for all training.
Our vol dept here in Kansas is done some in house and alot through the state . WE (the members) pay nothing and if we do we are told to keep recipts and we will get reimbursed.
On our Department we provide the training for ALL our members. My Asst Chief Training Officer plans, schedules and administers the training. There is no cost to any of our members. We administer the training meeting state and National standards.
Our Dept. pays for all training. We have inhouse training as well. Tonight me and the other Lieutenant had a short radio class. We went over our SOP's on communication and showed everyone how to get on the opps channel. (most of the guys knew how to use them and they sat in anyhow)
We are all put through a fire school and by some law I guess it must be done withn two years of your "hire date" I worked second shift for two years but I got laidoff for six months so it worked out for me but others have been let go. We are placed in the nearest fire school that is beeing run in MI or atleast my dept we all get fire one two hazmat opps drivers training and Ics, after that monthly training is on our captian hes our FTO we go over basic things. Our dept pays for all the training and propper PPE.

If we want to go to more classes we can run them by the chief and get them paid for.
In our department, we are sent to the state training facility and do some training in house. It is all payed for by the city/state/county. Our Chief sets everything up for us
My Commisioners tell me i should find were the training is being given, and to do the paper work ! Why should I have to do the work, I volunteer my time to the dept 24/7, use my own pov,gas, bought my own gear and have to find my training ! This is way nobody wants to do this anymore.
The chief is responsible for seeing that these firefighters get proper training. Now, whether he is the one training them or someone else, it doesn't matter. But the chief should be iniating a training program of some kind. (If a new firefighter gets hurt or killed in th line of duty and it is found that they did not have the proper training, the chief will likely go to prison).
And I think it is the department's responsibility to pay for the training. With my department, that's and incintive for our guys to maintain membership.

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