Im wondering who usely does treffic control in your area and whos duty is it?( Im reffering to agentceis here such as fire service or police.)

p.s. this is not ment to be dirty landry or stupid in any way

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Oh I like the paintball idea too!
For us, both firefighters and the sheriffs do traffic control. It really just depends on available personnel.
in our area the juniors that have their L1 class usualy do if they need all the certified ones for he incident but if they dnt anyone usually does!!
Rookie!!! I've gotten that job so many times. If PD is on scene then the Rookie gets company while doing Traffic control.
One must be very careful about knowingly putting juniors in a hazardous environment. As a matter of fact, I strongly suggest thorough knowledge of the child labor laws before allowing anyone under legal age to be involved in any hazardous environment. The liability and consequences can be extremely expensive.
It is the responsiblity of LEO in our area....but we end up doing it .....MISS Fire Police bad......
they make sure us juniors are highly visible and in an area to where we can get outta the way if its to hazardous..they only put jrs on that job if all the cetified are strongly needed otherwie we r the ones getting tools off the truck an getting it ready for action!
Many times we are on our own with traffic, at least for the first few minutes after setting up at a scene or stabilizing a patient or whatever. We usually use an engine to block the lane we're working in. Recently, though, we had a truck lose its load on the highway and we routed traffic around the mess until it could be cleaned up. We were better equipped than the LEO's with cones and wands and vests, etc. It took about six of us and four officers. That was an exception to the usual road scenario.
Local  pd state trooper or local sheriffs dept our local pd is real good 
Most of the time, we are in charge of traffic and our county sherriff's office usually doesnt' supply any kind of assisstance unless its a big incident, but as a whole we take care of it pretty well.
junior FF or local PD

More often than not, we (the fire department) do traffic control.

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