I keep a light and wood on mine but the band slides up often has eanyone had this happen to them and how do you fix this

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All I have is a Garrity light and one wood chaulk on mine as well, and I have the same problem. I fixed half of the problem by putting the front half of the strap underneath the screws to my leather front. However, the back still wants to slide up. One time the back end of it did completely pop off, light and wood chaulk fell to the ground, I was in a hurry at a scene, so they just stayed there on the ground. I would hate for this to happen to me inside a structure fire, as I can see it becoming an entanglement issue.

I have the same question, anyone have a fix to this?
Get a helmet clip for your light and put your wood ( I assume you mean wedges) in your pocket. (providing that you have room in your pocket). I've seen the cut rubber tube on the helmets and wondered about the tubed getting heated and losing its elasticity and dropping the stuff from the helmet.
The band will slide some until it stretches from wear, if your helmet is a traditional style make sure the band is under the studs that hold your leather front on. if not just keep sliding it back down til it streches out.
I dont know about the wood but the Fox Fury helmet light is the best I have ever used. foxfury.com
I keep wedges in my band and have no problems with it. I use a streamlight band. Try it out
Nothing on the helmet but a small flashlight under the brim .
I have A inner tube rubber band. My freind cut it down some and it fit perfect around my bullard. I have 4 chalks (2 each side) and a Light on the right side. It doesnt seem to pop off at all. All i can say is maybe get a tighter band. Heres a picture for fun

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