Tina Sfondeles
The Chicago Sun-Times

The television was not taken. And no wallets were stolen.

An apparently hungry thief broke into a Near West Side firehouse Tuesday night, making away with food from a communal locker and nothing more.

The break-in happened about 9 p.m. at Engine 26 at 10 N. Leavitt as firefighters responded to the Eisenhower Expy. for an accident, fire Lt. Frank Burens said.

That run was unfounded, and firefighters came back to find the food they planned to make for dinner was gone, Burens said.

Police said a rear window was forced open and its screen was pushed in.

Firehouses are left unattended depending on the type of call and the engine company, Burens said.

But thieves have gotten away with far more in the past.

"They've taken TVs, VCRs, gone through lockers, grabbed personal items," Fire Department spokesman Joe Roccasalva said.

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That's for sure what a shame. Those poor guys will be forced to eat tube-steak and beans! Maybe they need to watch for the regulars who hang around the house. The thief seemed to know what to look for, where to look for it, and even had a plan to get the guys out. Smarter than the avvvverrrage bear!
And those liberals want to take away the death penalty.
This kind of stuff really gets to me! Whether another person from a different shift or an outsider did this, these guys work hard on shift and should not have to worry about whether their food, electronics, or personal items are disturbed while they are on a run!! Some things just need to be honored; lines uncrossed! This is one of those things!
Tube steak and beans? That itself is scary. The sad thing is if the person stopped and asked for some food I have no doubt they would have shared. Cause us FireFighters are an awesome bunch.
I was havin' that old discussion just the other day about how society has changed to the point where so much that we do is because of thieves. Why do we have locks on doors and windows? Why do many cars have LoJack systems? Why does Wal-Mart have a security system at the exit? (Who pays for that?) Why do so many people carry concealed handguns? I was muddling that sort of stuff and wondering just how much of our time and energy and resources is wasted by having to worry about thieves.
Yes it is a shame. They even steal from churches nowadays.
Nothing but the food was stolen? That sounds like a hungry and desperate person to me. Stealing is still wrong, no matter what the reason, but it makes you wonder why this thief was so honest he didn't even take a wallet or electronics.
I think you will find it is a little deeper suited than that. Someone who is hungry and desperate who has the stones to break into a firehouse and steal food wouldn't have passed up a wallet or two. Definately more to this story than meets the eye
I'm with Mike C. here.
Hungry people will do whatever it takes to eat, it's human nature. Just so happens that this one time someone had a different idea of how to get it. Hmmmmm, an honest thief. Makes sense. It's a shame there are people that hungry, that they would go that far. I, for one, sympathize with the intruder. His stomach told him what to do and his morals kept him in check. People need to eat, just so happens that this time the food came from a firehouse.
Well that's too bad, we dont experience that in Fiji,we even have dinner served when fice call comes,doors not locked,upon our return theres nothing missing.
Pretty sad it has comed to this.
Smells of another house playing a prank

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