Theft in the department. What would you do? Police officers help is also needed.. thanx

I've got something on my mind that I could surre use your help with. I have chosen to hide my department infomration in fears of him figuring out that I'm on here asking questions and looking for anwers.

One of the guys in the department is stealing funds and we foudn out he has some other charges against him. What would you do or who would you go to to report it? I've been with the department for over 10 years and am afraid of loosing my job or getting in the middle of it because the thief is very good friends with the Deputy Chief and Chief. Who would you go and talk to and how woul dyou handle it? Any advice is appreciated. Also could he get locked away if he's found out? I know he's doing something worng but I don't want to be responsible as he's got four kids to feed. Maybe thats why he's doing what hes' doing. He knows allot of folks and is tied in pretty tight with the different departments. Me and the guys are tryhing to figure out the best approach to resolve this problem.

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That's a pretty tough one there. You say he has other charges against him. Could your friendly neighborhood PD officer look into things and " slip" up and mention it to others at the station? Is there a different accountibility system for the funds like banking with a double signature? Whatever you come up with just make sure you can answer the question "Do I trust him with my life?" with a yes or the fix the issue quick!! I feel for you on that one. Good luck and stay safe.
I wish I had some magic words of advice for you. Are you FT or vollie? If volie like me then take it to your board.If FT then maybe you should let a "slip" out to somone who is above his freinds. Not sure how you would go about it maybe like Allen said. Good luck either way and stay safe and buckle up.
First of all Theft is illegal. I would go to the chief and explain whats going on! You can't loose your job over it. Better yet go to the president Steeling is wrong they shuld take action nomatter who it is!! I would give the person LIFE! Turn him over to the police and press charges! I definitly wouldnt let this go on any longer! HE will cause your dept. alot of of problems!! You could get into trouble for knowing whats going on and not reporting it.

If you don't want your name involved send a letter with no return address.

Bull crap turn him in and be done with it.... His responsibilty to his kids is to teach them right... Which already at the losing end...... Sorry that you arre caught up in the making up your mind deal... But you know what he's done wrong he has stolen from his dept.. Turn him .... Maybe for the reasons he has done it the court will be gentle with him......
Thats what I would do to.
If I were you I would go to the Deputy Chief or the Chief with concerns. I mean we have never had any problems with thieves in my Department but thats what I would do I mean be honest you are concerned. Yes he can get locked up if he is caught. Most laws say they cannot arrest anyone without the proof that they have commited the crime. So find the proof that this guy is stealing the funds from you jurisdiction and go to the chief because the most they will do is make him spend time in jail and then make him pay it all back. Because he can get charged with embesalment. If you need anymore help email me ok.
I agree with you John... Do the right thing and turn him in he is going to cause your department to fall apart with him stealing from you. Do the right thing and turn him in.
Fund stealing cheats many people... You, your community, fellow firefighters, even the thief as well. That money could range anywhere from new bunker gear to new apparatus'. If you have the proof that he/she is doing this, it is a crime. That person needs to be reported, if your chief or DC wants to look over it, do like the others are suggesting and seek out and alderman or supervisor. This person has no integrity towards himself or other firefighters. I'm not trying to offend you but playing the "look the other way" card damages yours as well.
How many of you know it, maybe get together and confront him. If he is stealing from the organization what stops him from stealing your things or from other members. Bottom line it's wrong and it has to stop. There is always the local news media tip line.
if he is that hard up for money, he needs to start lookin for another job on the side...there is no reason to steal, then who is going to feed his kids if that is y he is doing this...esp. dont steal from the fire dept. if u r paid they r paying ur bills..
I agree Anne.
Hey I agree with Ed maybe you should all get together and confront him about it....

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