Do you believe if that someone says the Q word you will get slammed. And do all the crazies come out on the full moon and you get some weird calls.


Its a full moon out tonight and I just got a voicemail from another FF that said its been really Q_____ this week.

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Uh-oh...the human excrement will surely stike the oscillating blades......never, ever say the "Q" word.
Well John, that takes carre of the crazies..Heather is heading your way. LOL Guess it takes care of the "quiet" too...rumor has it she is a screamer...LOL
remember "I am Batman" LOL
I firmly believe that the Lunar cycle plays a role. I think it has some sort of effect on the cerebrospinal fluid (lol). If it can effect the oceans, in such great ways, then whose to say that it can't effect the brain.
Actually, no. LOL! Never happened. We don't even get hit bad during poor weather. It's usually on nice days. Try figuring that one out...
Alot oftimes at our hall it's not what words we say it's what we do at practice.So many times I've noticed that we will practice extracation and that night we'll get an MVC or talk about how we will do a smoke barn fire and BAM off goes the pager or wheat stubble fire we discuss o's and don'ts and guess what.It's wierd doesn't happen all the time but probably close to half the time.
The full moon was on Fri. night and we didn't have anything.But,everybody around us did.And a couple of them were crazy calls too.Moon was still almost full last night and today it is just nuts all over here,including us.It has everything to do with the moon.
And calls do come in threes.
I've been waiting for you...

The effects of the moon phase last at least a full week - not just one day. Near full, serves just as well ;-)
shhhh... it's a secret...
Ralph, you college apparently completed that study when my friends and I were out of town... or locked in MJ's basement...

And MJ, come on, now, we know that I am a bigger shit magnet than you even... as paul puts it excrements hitting oscillating blades... how do you think I became this awesome ;-) there must have been some force which pushed me to greatness ???
not really the full moon but at the jail its a bad night and usually they dont have to call the fd but that would be a different call and i wonder how would i explain that one to my chief and whats the q word or is it just any q word just asking

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