This happened back in 2005, but we all need to make sure we don't follow in Mark's footsteps.
Please take a moment and watch his video. Thanks

OLYMPIA - A firefighter warned other firefighters Monday that it's not just the fire you have to worry about, it's the smoke and all of the dangerous substances in that smoke.
Mark Noble issued that warning during his own memorial service Monday.

There is no long procession of fire trucks as is the custom when a firefighter dies. In fact, Mark Noble didn't want any tears shed on his behalf.

What he wanted is for the firefighters gathered at his memorial to heed his warning.

"My name is Mark Noble. I'm a firefighter and I'm dying from a brain tumor," he said on a video played at his memorial. "It's a tumor that I most likely got from my job as a firefighter."

Just before he died, the 47-year-old Noble participated in a training video. It was his wish to be the keynote speaker at his own memorial.

"There isn't an excuse to take off your air pack before your environment is perfectly clear," Noble said. "If you're in there and don't have an air pack on, you are killing yourself. It's that simple."

Two-1/2 years ago, Noble was diagnosed with brain cancer. State legislation had just been passed that considers that type of cancer to be caused by years of exposure to dangerous smoke as caused in the 'line of duty.'

He doesn't want others to die prematurely.

"I tell you, it's hard watching these rigs drive down the street. I still want to be a firefighter," Noble said.

This video warning is not just for the memorial, it's for nationwide distribution to all fire departments.

"And that is the most powerful lesson that he could leave us with," said firefighter Andy Speier. "That is unbelievable. But that's Mark. Thinking about firefighters right until the end."

Firefighter Jason Loffler adds, "As painful as it to watch this video because we miss Mark so much, we can take solace in the fact that this video will save firefighter lives."

Mark's sons rang the bell for the last time, in his honor.

Being listed as 'injured in the line of duty," Mark was able to get medical benefits and 60 percent of his salary to help him fight the cancer.

He's the first Olympia fire fighter to die in the line of duty.

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WOW!!! I just watched his entire memorial service. That was very nice.

Thanks for posting T.J.
That's very sad but a grim reminder of just how dangerous this job really is. We all need to take steps to prevent this from happening to anymore of us.
I watched the memorial service for Mark Noble and wow I must say he cared very much for his family and friends as well as fellow firefighters. There has been more research done on this subject and yes we are at greater risk. I know just going trough my training my teacher told us of the hazards and cautioned us to wear our air packs as his mentor also died of cancer. Thank you for adding this and i hope more of our brothers and sister will watch and take note of this vidio.
WOW..........This might possibly be the most powerful wake up call any person could watch whether a firefighter or civilian. We need to wake up and make changes to how we do "business".

WOW is all I can say right now.

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