Does anyone know when they offer their next course?
As well can anybody tell me what it's like there, daily things, atmopshere and so on...

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Well changing the subject a little here... comparing apples to apples has anyone used an online training academy other than Training Division? The seem good, but I'm just cuurious.
well I had 2 other guys that knew people that went to some other academys and they were wishing they would have gone to training division
Good to know, thanks! I think i probably will go with them. And maybe go to TEEX later on for other courses. Does the tuitioin with TD include your stay in Texas?
Our department was seeing a trend in those individuals that had attended an online academy. Their skills were not up to par with OUR departments requirements. We hired 4 individuals with online certifications and there were several safety issues that we began to notice. In a traditional fire academy you perform skills throughout the entire time you attend. With online academies, you go to a "boot camp" for a week and all you have to do is pass those skills. We want people that can do the skills required of a firefighter like second nature.
Ya I definetly see your point Cody.
I talked with my vollie Chief and he doesn't think it's the best idea for me. I want to stick with ones that are recognized in my province.... or someone had also suggested taking something out of New york.
I dont know about the whole "Not up to par" I personally would take Myself(Im always up for a challange) and 3 members of my online fire academy and test against you and any of your traditional fire academy. I will say this there is a difference in online fire academys so speak for one only not all please. oh and I know several people that went to traditional fire academys that wish they would have gone there because the people that they have worked with were very well versed in the art of firefighting and willing to adapt to the old ways aswell.
hey man im going in two weeks class 81 so hows the food.. i feel pretty good about the book work so now the practical... so you got a job yet where you from im from hawaii
The point I was trying to make is not all departments will recognize an online cert. As far as a challenge, what exactly do test scores prove when you are in the type of business we are in? I couldn't even tell you what I scored on my test, I haven't been a basic firefighter in years....I carry an advanced cert, and about to upgrade to Master Firefighter.

I was just trying to help someone that I happened to have some inside knowledge on. You see, I instruct at 2 different fire academies and have been recruited to teach at another in central Texas. I also instruct EMS (Basic thru Paramedic) and am up on the latest trends when it comes to the hiring processes of paid departments.
ya I kinda went off a little bit to much on that I had alot of training prior to going threw an online academy.
So I chatted with my vollie fire chief and he showed me the list of "recognized" certs. or w/e you want to call them from companies. But the only thing Ontario recognizes is the Ontario Fire College. So... he said it would be a good learning expirence, get what you pay for, but it doesn't mean jack on paper. When it comes down to it, it still the hands on learning I think.
I Graduated from TEEX (A&M) in July of 2009.
Its an extrememly physically demanding course; Including PT every morning, Class everyday, and numerous live fire training scenarios demonstrations and siatuations.
It is unlike any other school, and offers the largest live fire training field in North America!!!
The course runs 12 weeks in length and the instructors are absolutely incredible!!
Like i said though - you need to be in (what you consider) the best shape of your life before you get down there because they are going to whip you inmto shape lol. I would suggest going to your local and gym and telling them what / where you are planning on attending and completeing and they will give you a pretty intense training plan. Courses run about ever 5 months or so. You would have to look at their website to find out the exact dates of the next session.
If you have any other questions i would be glad to answer them or find the answer your looking for!! Also i do have the contact name and e-mail adress for the recruiter at TEEX.
Drop me a line through here or e-mail me anytime and ill do my best to get the answers you need!
Good luck and have fun!
- Amanda
I live in Ontario currently and have had SEVERAL offers to work on mulitple fire departments having graduated from TEEX!! The only reason i havent taken them.. Im currently expecting my first baby!!

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