OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- A doctor had to amputate a teenager's left arm to free him from a large oilfield pump he had been playing with, firefighters said.

The 17-year-old boy and his friend jumped an 8-foot fence Sunday to play with a pump jack, a common, motor-driven piece of oil field equipment that rocks up and down to lift oil out of a well.

He turned on the machine to ride it but became entangled in one of its moving parts, and his friend couldn't shut it off, Fire Chief Cecil Clay said.

The friend flagged down a taxi cab driver, who turned it off. Firefighters were unable to free the boy without further endangering him, so a surgeon was flown in on a medical helicopter to perform the emergency amputation.

The boy was then airlifted to the University of Oklahoma Medical Center.

Fire Chief Brian Stanaland said Monday the decision to amputate the arm was made after it was determined the limb was so badly mangled that it couldn't be saved even if firefighters disassembled the machine.

The boy's name was not released and hospital spokesman Allen Poston said the teenager's family requested that no information be released.

The boy's mother was at the site and went to the hospital with her son.

"I would caution anyone who's heard stories about riding these pump jacks and getting out here and messing with them to write that off," Clay said. "It's not that much fun anyway. It's dangerous."

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Thats a sad lesson for the teen to learn about riding pump jacks.
Thats sad but hopefully teens will learn not to ride pump jacks.
Funny how kids don't think about the dangers. I'm sure he was told not to do it, and did it any way. I know I was told, and a bunch of us still did it. Looking back, it really wasn't that much fun.
to bad the kid had to learn the hard way, hopefully this will not happen to anyone else but teens will be teens and if they can get away with it they will.
As long as there are pump jacks, kids unfortunately will ride them.
I don't see why anyone would want to do that any ways. It was stupid and he was lucky he wasn't killed. Now he has to live with missing his arm. I hope his friends realize how stupid this was and don't try to do the same stunt.
I did some stupid things when I was younger. Kids will be kids!!!! Its a shame he lost his arm thankfully he didn't lose his life.
Thankfully it was only his arm and not his life. Hard lesson learned. Kids think it will not happen to them, remember they are teenagers , they know everything.
never thought of riding anything such as a oil pump... but that is just me. i think that it would be kinda stupid; and well there is a fence there for a reason. TO KEEP PEOPLE OUT.
It's all fun and games until someone puts out an eye, or as in this case, loses a limb. Kids will be kids and they will never think it can happen to them. Sad lesson to learn.
The oil company will probably be sued for this kid jumping the fence and trespassing on their rig. Hopefully others will learn from this and stay out of places they don't belong.
Be safe
My only question is, did the parents not teach thier children any better? It's sad to hear, and unfortunatley that young man has to deal with his stupidity the rest of his life, where the family will probablly get rich from suing the company.

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