join in with thousands of Americans to protest the abuse of the tax system by the Congress and President...April 15th there are hundreds of cities having rally's..go to

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I will echo the comment by Damnthing. What the heck does this have to do with anything vaguely connected to this web site? And why should I care. If I want to hear solicitations I will listen to all the BS messages left on my phone by like creations. Wrong site wrong subject matter.
I worked for a fire dept. for 20 years...believe me it is very political..and if you want any money left to pay firefighting, you will show up...or are you another obamabot what was that , change to believe in..did you know that we would not be allowed to join the EU because our debt to earnings ration is too high?...China is pushing for a global currency...why?...because the dollar is worthless...get out your wheelbarrel to buy a loaf of bread....
its your country..take it back soon or your kids will owe more money than exists
check out the Obama nation and what they have planned for your money
so are you a "white suburbs" guy..
We all ready owe money. I think its 15,000,000,000,000.
is that 15 brazillian dollars , I think thats what comes after a trillion can you spare me a dime
right so the $400,000 FEMA grant the dept just got is wrong... we survive on "earmarks"
look at the bill..unlike the congress, who have never read it...and it isn't all about you...
because people give a damn about what going on..this affects all, including firefighters, of which I was one for 20 years...does your union give money to politicians?....politics do you pay taxes? of course you you expect your taxes to fund firefighting?...of course you you expect you taxes to fund bridges to nowhere..I think you don't...get involved...
first, thanks for your reply...second, you are wrong about me being a neocon...maybe you should stop calling people names and see where you want this country to go...if it the way you like..fine, if its not then it is your duty to change it...maybe you adore the ones who sunk the economy whether democrat or republican...Congress is full of fools...perhaps you should run for congress
Everyone has their politics, in the firehouse and in the white house. I'll keep my views to myself, but you guys are fun to read, thats for sure. And thats meant as a compliment to everyone.

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