My Fire department back home everyone had some sort of black boots, most common was bates w/ the side zipper. Everyone polished them and some were amazing while some were ok. We wore these black boots on medicals because it went w/ the uniform. Does anyone else polish there boots for a better professional image?

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Yep, yep. And for the lazy ones out there, invest in some patent leather boots or duty shoes. No polishing required, just dust em off : p
Well, I am in the military now. I have seen every style of boot polishing or "patent leather boots". Yet, none compair to a good pair of spit shined boots ;)
I couldn't agree with ya more. I'm a former Air Force firefighter myself. I love the spit shine and elbow grease look much better than the patents.
that's exactly what I am. hoo'rah fire dawg
Yep, My Rookie shines them every morning for me!
Hello WILLI,

Thank you for your service. Boots, especially black, not only look better polished they last longer. IMO and experience (36 yrs Army) it's not how shiny but clean and protected they are. The ground forces, Army and Marines, have gone to rough suede boots, no polishing needed just cleaning. Doesn't the USAF issue those? Probably certain special duties require the 'ol black boot, like fire fighting.

Also from my experience, the shiny the boots the less work from the wearer. Spit shines are for parades and funerals. TCSS
we have the new uniform that you dont have to polish boots, but firefighters were still wearing the old uniforms due to there NFPA 1975 certified. the new ones yet to make it that far w/ a cotton/poly 50-50 mix.
im talking about my volunteer fire dept, back home. about the shiny boots.
Myself and Officers polish our duty boots for the professional image as much as needed. Especially after a working fire or over the bank rescue call.
I even polish the boots I wear around the house. Spit shine I also fined in you heat the polish I found it will help with the shine.
Ok then just read my first and last two sentences in previous post.

The new USAF "tiger stripe" uniform came out when I was in Iraq and the AF guys were complaining that it was too thick for hot weather, especially that inside coat/shirt pocket which added thickness. Looks unique thou. Hooah!

Once again thank you for your service and be safe. TCSS

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