I have somewhat of a problem. Looking for some help from my fellow firefighters out there. About 2 weeks ago we were on a Lightning Strike/Attic Fire. When we gained access into the attic we had light to moderate smoke in the attic. We found where the lightning had hit the chimney and actually came thru the roof. There was a 2ft diameter hole in the roof and it was still raining heavily out. Which was causes the drywall on the ceiling to hold water. While crews were pre-parring to pull ceiling and divert the water. I was removing blown in insulation from around the area to ensure there were no smoldering spots. While I was doing this i got a jolt. Nothing that injured me, just a little zap. Upon investigation we found wirng in the void space that the lighning strike had exposed and split, Exposing bare wires. I was wearing all my PPE including department issue structure gloves. The problem I am running into is they are saying. If I was wearing my gloves there is no way I could have been electricuted. I find these statement false. For one thing I was wearing them. For another Structural firefighting gloves are not a electrical insulated glove. At least not these. My gloves were completely saturated with water because of the water being held in the ceiling. They are confident that if I had them on I wouldnt have got zapped.

Has this ever happened to anyone? I have also contacted the manufactuer and they told me their gloves are not insulated to prevent getting electricuted. Just looking for more re-enforcement.


Thanks, and Stay Safe



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There are no gloves on the market that will protect from electrocution when saturated with water! Period

The power to the house should have been cut to begin with you got lucky learn from it and take measures to not have this happen again!

Who is "they"....I bet the issue to your answer can be easily summed up in the supposed "they". I'm betting members of the dept etc who truly really don't know.


Structural FF gloves are NOT designed to resist electricity. Ever seen a lineman's gloves (I'm not talking the NFL either), they are thick rubber with leather shells.....no where near the design of a structural FF glove.


The manufacturer also says the gloves aren't going to resist electricity. Those "they" you speak of are frankly talking out of their ass. I also agree that such incidents is a primary reason we send crews to shut down the power in affected homes. The "they's" out there who advocate like you see are those who get FFs hurt.

I agree with Russ and John, structural gloves and extrication gloves do not protect you from electricity, and also before you even entered the house, whether it was occupied or not, or the flames were just in the attic the power should have been shut off. Also, you said they were soaked with water, nothing protects from electrical zaps if they are saturated.

Ron, I work on 480 volt equipment all day. When my linemen gloves get wet and i grab the live line i get zapped. I would tell "them" to get there heads out if their _ _ _ and know the facts before they tell you you FF gloves will protect you from electricity.  Next they will tell you your coat is bullet prove. Your officers should have made sure the power was cut. Glad you didn't get hurt. Stay safe and let this be a lesson for you.

As a manufacturer of  NFPA 1971 compliant structural firefighting gloves I can tell you that there is no requirement in this NFPA Standard for resistance to electricity or arc protection. Also, no gloves in the structural firefighting category are designed with this threat in mind.

Ironically, my house was just re-powered yesterday due to hurricane Sandy.  The overhead power line had become partially detached during the storm and needed to be reconnected. Naturally, I asked the lineman doing the job what gloves he wears when working around live wires.  His reply, RUBBER!     

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