Was anyone aware that the firefighter and the volunteers the worked at ground zero are dieing for cancer and other stomach and respatory problems and the government is not doing a fucking thing about it!!! what can we do??????

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The government doing something about it would some kind of socialism, wouldn't it?
We don't want the government to do anything, that would be socialism. We hate socialism.
Apparently we hate socialism AND we don't follow ANY of the news (otherwise would this post really be here right now?)
There you go with your logic again Jack! Stop it! ;-)
Reading about a subject before you post, that is bullshit.
We don't need no stinking knowledge!
do you have any idea as to what the hell YOU are talking about?????
Yes we do, this subject has been hashed over, talked about over and over on this site, in all the fire service magazines, every fire service web site. We are surprised that you would ask a question that has been so prevalent in the news and that the IAFF, FDNY, New York legislature, New York City Council and the United States Legislature are already addressing.
Well said Gregory. Even over here in Australia, we've got at least some idea that things are moving and attempts are at least being made to address this in some way....
Yes, the Republicans united to strike this bill down when it came up for a vote in July. Somehow the Democrats get blamed for this. Here is the vote tally:

I've never seen this ort of report/link Vic. If I read it correctly, the majority of votes are saying YES, they want to change the Bill. Is that correct?
Yes. There is a procedural rule in Congress (the lower house) to pass a bill with no amendments, but it requires a 2/3 majority. The opposition party will often tack on crazy-ass amendments that are totally unrelated to the bill to either delay it or get it shot down entirely.

Also, in the Senate (upper house) the minority party can keep debate over a bill open essentially forever (called a filibuster) if they have 40 votes. The minority party (Republicans - the conservative party in America) have done this a record number of times (check out this chart: http://thinkprogress.org/2009/03/31/republican-filibusters-skyrocket/)

This is why after the Democrats' resounding victories in 2006 and 2008, not a lot has occurred, and what has passed has been very watered down. The Republican party has essentially broken the government's ability to pass laws and the President's ability to appoint people to higher government positions. Americans are so poorly informed, that most are unaware of this and blame the Democrats for "doing nothing." Currently, the Republicans are about to have a very good election come November and will likely pick up a lot of seats in both houses. These are the same guys that crashed the economy in 2008, and we're giving them back control. I'll be staying in Australia until the US regains a bit of common sense.

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