What are the 3 stages of fire? question of the week...

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Growth, Fully Developed and Decay.
stage 1- incipient (sp?)
stage 2- fully developed
stage 3- decay
1) 911, what's your emergency?
2) Charge the line
3) Take up
Answer of the week: It depends what era you were trained, and what curriculum you used.
If i understand well....
i know 4 , developing of a fire
1 - Outbreak,
2 - spread,
3 - sustained combustion ,
4- Decline of flames,

1) As the name indicates this is the initial phase of the fire. Its duration is conditioned primarily to the quality and quantity of combustible material.

2)Spread this stage, the active combustion rapidly spread to neighboring fuels . The propagation process is continuous corresponding to a gradual rise in temperature in the compartment where the fire develops . Usually between 500 and 600 ° C occurs the phenomenon of all fuels self ignite . This phenomenon is called the Generalized Inflammation or "Flash Over " . The Flash Over " determines the end of phase propagation .

3)During this phase continuous combustion temperature in the compartment remain almost constant and at its maximum. At this stage there is a common fuel in large quantities, the fire being controlled by the amount of oxygen (air ) available. In this case it is a fire controlled by ventilation.

4)Decline in flames As the fuel is consumed , the flames are decreasing in intensity and hence the rate of heat release decreases. The decline of the flames can be anticipated if the energy dissipation is greater than its production , causing the lowering of the temperature in up to normal temperature.

Sorry, probably there are some words, that are wrong....my english, its a little bit rusty
answer of the night...
what you mean with that?
were you were trained? and what curriculum you used?
I don´t know if you use this term ( Fenomologia of combustion ) ?
In Portugal, all FF...i hope (lol) know what is it.
4) "Lay more line" at the taproom after the job. ('Cause the smoke will be heavier, the fire hotter, and because that place was thisclose to turning the neighborhood into a conflagration).
My bad, I forgot the most important stage.
Marcio Teixsldfhaowre;iwef ....(its just easier that way lol )

lol While your English might be a bit rusty to us, I can't imagine what you think if we try and talk in your language.. yikes.. good for you for doing so well. I have to admit, you, do much better in English than many over here... your spelling is better, and grammar .. very good considering..
Just wanted to say..
thank you...i guess (lol)
1st. Smoldering 2nd. Free or open burning 3rd. Flashover(Fire Growth)

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