Had a housefire monday nigth. One of the trucks ran over a dead skunk . You can not stand to go in the truck bay. Is there anything to get the smell off the truck. Good thing it is a volunteer dept. an no one has to live there like paid dept. Need help

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hmmm..... John ................ John............... John............. YOU CONSTANTLY AMAZE ME !!!!!!!!!! (and I am hard to amaze)

HOW MUCH MONEY would someone have to pay me to skin a skunk ???

Not less than $$$,$$$.00 and an oxygen mask... I dare say...

And I am quite sure I would work on the pole long before I ever skinned a skunk...

You sir are a much stronger man than I !!!!!!!!!!!!! My hats off to you sir !!!!!!!!
we had a call about a year ago on a gas smell coming from a house. this house was out side of the city. we get there all we could smell was skunk. so we went inside could not locate a gas leak. went outside still could not locate a gas leak. but on the back side the smell of skunk was bad. then we heard a sound coming from under the house. so we open the side up and here comes out this skunk. well to tell you truth i don't know who ran faster a group of firefighters or this skunk. the owners of this house been doing so work under there house and this skunk went under from the opening and they didn't know it. the skunk sprayed under the house because it was really bad when we opened the door they made to go under there house for repairs. just want to share this with you for your smell have you tryed to wash the tires and under the truck with tomato juice? i hear that works sometimes.
tomato juice is the best.
Geez, what a tough crowd... I meant the 25-cent car wash figuratively... not literally! LOL
and maybe, just maybe, where I live is indeed Mayberry RFD, but actually, when they filmed the last Return to Mayberry, it was just a few miles from our house and where we live.

and for what it's worth, and to be specific, the car wash still takes quarters... there's even a 25-cents change machine to give you the quarters. that's what living in Mayberry is all about... simplicity... no crime... and routine 70˚F weather year round (it's 69˚F right now at 14:42 hours).
All of us women WONDER hmmm... what would it take to get us on the pole ???
funny that this topic answered that question for me.... hee hee
I second this - tomato juice works. The problem is that you have to either use it on the entire vehicle or you have to know exactly what parts of the vehicle are contaminated. Start with the tires, wheels, and whlle wells.

Another item that may help is the Pet Stain sprays you can get at the pet specialty stores. Get one that containes anti-odor enzymes.

If those things don't completey rid the truck of the smell, you can also mix baking soda in a warm water solution and use it to absorb the smells.

Leave the trucks outside as much as possible and ventilate the station - open bay doors, etc. and that will help get rid of it more quickly.

Good luck.
CBz, You REALLY need to find a Wal-Mart greeter job or something. Where do you come up with this stuff?
You need to live in a place where water is a more natural occurrance, that's all.
try bleach it worked for us.

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