70% of the nations firefighters are volunteers who risk their lives everytime a call goes out. Some say yes because of the risk and some say no because it was a choice made to do the job, what do you think?

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As stated Tyler, getting reimbursed for fuel, gear and work clothes is not pay. if you get money for showing up and working you are a paid or paid on call FF. I volunteer for MDA, coaching kids, union public service events, that is volunteering. Or firefighting for NO pay. If you get paid you are not a volunteer.
Jack d/t

I like the last quote !! the $5 large is only if you respond to every call. not many of us do more likely 60-80 calls. we get paid every month and I guess we are technically PAID. Is the city (10,000) ever gpoing to hire a full time department not likely. Are we turning the pay back - Not me.
Do I think we should get paid for responding - yes, did I expect it when I signed up, no I was actually very suprised. Would I do it for zero dollars?, ya probably.
Is it a good deal for the city / tax payers to have people who will do the job as POC FF - ya there is a huge savings. Are we being used, probably, maybe less than a unpaid FF, but used all the same. Do we care, NO or at least I don't. Take the money away and just give me a pager, I am ok with that. Fire is now a part of me.
There are so many variations of the "Volunteer" fire fighter that covering it properly is a subject of a major government study all by itself. I like what I do, I like the cash, I would do it for nothing, I would have loved to be a career FF, had I known what I do now 30 years ago it might have been different. I am a Casual EMT, NFPA certified FF, and a Professional Engineer (day job).

Whatever their reason, as long a people will do the job for nothing, there will always be areas that will be unpaid, is it right, I do not think so. Is every community going to have a career dept - nope can't see it happening. Are we all doing it because we like it and want to help poeople, I would like to think so.

Stay Safe - Hold your Head up - be the best Volly - POC - Career Fire Fighter you can be.
If I have a full time job and work part time in the local grocery store, because I love grocery stores, would I be a volunteer grocery assistant or a part-time grocery assistant?
If they paid you, and you had to drop everything from your other job to run sell groceries on a moment's notice, then you would be a "retained" grocery assistant.
That wasn't the question. The question was whether or not vollies should be paid.

"You can still be professional and be a volunteer."
Hi Gregory Borg! Did you mean me that I'm back? What do you think of the tornado(s) in the South? Also I'm getting ready to watch the Bruins tomorrow because I am a Bruin's fan. I am also praying for the tornado people.

Stay safe and Happy Memorial Day!
They would be combination departments. I am very well aware of that.
"I think its a VOLUNTEER JOB for a reason. To serve your community."
Based on your statement, any firefighter who is paid is NOT serving the community?

It's a volunteer "job" because typically, the run numbers are low enough that volunteers can cover it "effectively" and/or because the community is unable to afford to pay for a full-time fire department.

Volunteering as a firefighter may indeed serve the community, but being a volunteer (as opposed to being paid) is the end result of need and ability. Were a (any) community able to afford a full-time paid department (based on need), most likely that is the direction they would go.
They would be combination departments. I am very well aware of that.

Huh? Combination dept or career, the point is that one does not just "join" such a position as you alluded to, they are hired. Even on a combination dept there is a testing and screening process that does differ from the volunteer side of things. Also if a volunteer on said depts does want to become paid, they typically also have to go through the testing and screening process for the paid position. One just doesn't walk from a volly side of things and to the career side of things.

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