Should the firefighter or the department pay for the cost to exercise at a local gym? We do not have a gym in either of our 3 stations and some members beleive the department should pay the cost at a local gym. I feel it should be a 50/50 split this way it makes the ff feel like he better go because he's got some of his own cost involved and if the department pays the whole thing then it'll be one of those well I'll start tomorrow and it never happens. What do you all think or does your department have something setup like this? As a department we're kinda mixed and dont know what way to go. So any advise would be great.

Thanks, TJ

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Check with your local school. Most High schools now have really nice gym and workout equipment. May have to schedule it around school use but here thye let us use it when we basiclally wnat (no class activly using it) After all you are a tax payer in the distric and schools are public buildings, plus they kinda like the idea they have fireman on scene most of the time. Check it out what will it hurt?
Not every state has Fireman Relief Associations like the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania does.
I would go with the 50/50 If you have to put in your own money you may be apt to go more because of not wasting money especially with the economy the way it is.
I say the Fire Department should provide it's own gym whenever possible, usually in a small gym in the each station is good.

If the Department can work a good dela with a local gym (i.e. a Firefighter Discount, or a Public Safety Discount for Police, EMS and Firefighters), then that is a great way to get FFs exercising and doing a little example setting for the public at the same time.

But in the end, it is up to the individual as to where he or she works out and it is the individual who should pa their own membership if they choose to work out in a gym.

If on the other hand the Department requires fireifghters to workout in a specific gym, or take part in a specific fitness program (i.e. everyone on a shift does Rex-Kwan-Do together), then the department shoudl provide that at no cost to the individual.

Ditto on this, It'd be alot easier for the dept to just by equipment once, versus paying a recurring weekly/monthly/annual charge for all the firefighters to have a membership. It would definitely save money in the long run.
Yeah it may save money in the long run but think You are throwing hundreds of dollars on equipment that could be used for Supplies as I have said... Run, do Jumping Jack, Situps, Stuff like that Pull Ups ya know dont spend all the money.
I think if the dept. is going to pay it should only be half i agree if it pays the whole thing and it dont get used then its a lost. but the buying of gym equipment i think is the way to go we have a good work out area and all i see is about 5 of us useing it out of 40 so if we was to have paid for a gym imagine the loss we would have taken
You dont have to go to a gym to stay fit so i think the firefighter should pay for it
My department provides some exersise equipment. We are also able to go a gym which one of the hospital networks provide for free, and they are spread throughout the city. We are also able to go to some of our community centers and utilize the gyms to play basketball. Sometimes my company will go to the local highschool and utilize the track when noone else is using it. I'm pretty sure since our department requires the CPAT, they provide the means to stay fit. We have to go through a physical exam every year which also includes a treadmill test. If your department requires these things, and does not provide you with the epuipment, then you may be able to write the gym membership off on your taxes. I'd check with your tax guy though.
Good question. It could go both ways. Just my opinion. I think that the fire fighter should pay it wasn't the fire dept that got him/her out of shape. So it shouldn't be the fire dept responsiblity to het him/her back into shape. If the fire dept. says they need to in tip top shape they maybe the fire dept should cover maybe a 1/4 of it. But the firefighter should cover most of the cost. If not all of it. Just my opinion though.
While I feel the department should take some is your life and health. Are you not gonna work out becuase the department wont pay? I know I would not. A study came out of Atlanta yesterday that says firefighters are 300% more likley to get heart disease than the average person.

A gym membership is a small price to pay for your health...look at it as investing in yourself. I have never asked my FD to pay for any training or physical fitness that I do becuase I need to do it wether or not they will or wont. Its an investment in myself, my career, and my life.
Check with your health insurance company. Alot of them with refund you up to 150.00 a year for the membership. As for the FD, mine does not provide any equipment. The union has been able to outfit a few houses with some equipment, but most are bought by the members of the house.

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