Should POVs with only blue lights have to follow all traffic laws.

In my opinion they should be allowed to run red lights if all traffic at the intersection has stopped.
What do you guys think?

Tim K.

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Its all about safety for us as firefighters, both during calls and on the way there. It all comes with maturity, age, and experience. We are guilty at one time or another of driving too fast to a call with our lights flashing. Intersections and red lights should be approached with caution, and only proceed when all traffic has yielded the right of way. Even when we are traveling in our department apparatus the same precautions should be taken into consideration. SEnior members set the example for the younger ones to follow, its the only way they will learn.

Our fellow firefighters and responders to get injured responding to calls and that is unfortunate, specially when some times it can be avoided. But it is far less than the #1 cause of losing our brotherhood to heart failure.

Be safe at all times and don't become part of the incident.
Yes, they should follow all posted traffic laws and regulations...too many people are getting killed or injured going to and coming home from calls....check the LODD's from last year....I did as part of Fire Officer 1 training and was is past time that we stop killing ourselves....."Everyone goes home alive"....Paul
Tim...your "opinion" is welcome...BUT...Get some experience and see what he real world is about....we have been killing ourselves for the past 20 years....LODD's have not gone down even with better training, better equipment, and better technology....I am sorry but as a Jr. you should not be promoting this (nothing personal). But you will get a lot of input I am sure and input is always a good thing.....Stay safe........Paul
i got an even better one for you its 1 am and no one is at the intersection you can see clear down all directions and the light wont turn green and its red for like 1 minute and still wont turn what do you do...i had my friend blow through it after we were sitting there for what seemed like 1 minute
and Adam...if that "mystery" car had appeared and T-boned you and someone got killed or hurt....would you be any help to your Department...? Now they have 2 calls to respond to and one might not be very pretty....Have you ever gone to a fatality when it is a friend or someone from the Department involved....I have and I hope and pray it never happens to anyone else....the law is the law....Paul
I really don't want to get into a "law" discussion and I certainly don't know traffic laws everywhere. However, such action is legal here in WI, even if not responding with lights, although I don't know about the minute wait thing.

While riding the motorcycle, there are many lights here which will only change with a weight sensor pad. A bike just doesn't have the weight to trigger the light, so one can be stuck for awile waiting for the light. Been several times I waited...more than a light change, no traffic and would go. Basicaly treat it like an intersection with a STOP sign vs light.
Obey the law its simple
I say if it is safe conditions and all traffic is stopped yes we should be able to bend the rules to a certain point.
I might agree with this if people did not take advantage of the fact that they have a blue light on their vehicle. People will run their blue lights for anything because it gives them a sense of importance. In about 80% of calls no lights actually need to be run...but people still do. Just think about when you come up on someone while you're driving with your blue light on...a lot of the time the person in front of you doesn't know what to do to get over. Now, put blue lights on more "whackers" cars and the incidence of accidents or close calls is going to sky rocket. In my opinion, not only should blue lights have to follow traffic laws to a T, there should be stricter regulations on who can run them. And FYI...people don't have to yield to blue lights (at least in PA).
pov response can be extremely dangerous if you do not follow the traffic laws. when people see red, or blue lights they tend to do the most idiotic things and can get you hurt or others hurt. yes we are in situations where seconds do count but if you get in a wreck while responding you dont do any good for any body. in fact you make it worse because now you are another incident where you take members away from another call to come to yours. so just take a few more seconds or another few minutes and just get there safe.
Just seeing this thread for the first time (Started 11/2008), I wanted to add a different perspective that you can test out for yourself...

What I am asking here of the group is one question. If you did not use lights and sirens, and did not travel at speeds that are in excess of the posted speed limit, how much faster did you get from point A to point B compared to running Code 3 (lights & sirens)?

I've done this already and noted that the times were not too far apart. And it certainly was an eye opener for my rookie engineers when they learned that going what we will call Code 2, responding but NOT using lights and sirens in some cases was actually faster believe it or not. What we did not create was a nightmare where vehicles were freaking out, trying to pull over to the right, and in some cases just stopping with us trying to get around them.

Driving Code 3 is dangerous and puts both the public and yourself at risk. Whenever possible, think twice about even driving Code 3 in a responding fire engine or ambulance. Any old timers out there know from years of experience that it's better to be stealth if you want to get somewhere in a hurry.

Lights and sirens are meant to get folks attention and sometimes, it's just not always needed...


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