Should POVs with only blue lights have to follow all traffic laws.

In my opinion they should be allowed to run red lights if all traffic at the intersection has stopped.
What do you guys think?

Tim K.

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Absolutely,but keep in mind that stop signs and red lights nowadays seem to be only a suggestion to some people.Always expect the rediculous to happen.Time is lives. Be Safe.
All POV's and emergency vehicles have to follow the traffic laws, end of story. The laws are clear for emergency vehicles reponse. This is true of blue, red, green or any color you want to put on your vehicle. Yes you may blow thru a light or stop sign in your pov of apparatus, as many do, if you are involved in a crash you are at fault and will be sighted. You are the one who has to pay attention to everyone else. If you obey the laws and drive with due regard to safety and are struck then you might be able to say you did everything you could. Remember people are stupid when it comes to emergency vehicles.
Very true Ted, we get newbies on our department and the first thing they ask when they finish FFI & II is "when can I put lights on my truck".
There is only one vehicle aloud to go threw a red light and that is the U.S mail all other must obay the laws and for a blue light well i will not answer that one Ted already did
ABSOLUTELY red lights stop signs are there for a reason and need to be followed.
No way. The goal is to get to the fire house or scene SAFELY. Disregarding traffic control devices is a very UNSAFE thing to do.

At best, you will be saving SECONDS if you run the stop signals en route to a call, and speeding beyond the limit. The risk is... YOUR LIFE. Are you willing to take that risk?

You might think "Yeah, but I'm different... it won't happen to me." I suspect that all of the firefighters who have lost their lives reponding to calls had that same thought.
My Chief is a Senior Investigator for the SP's and is not a big fan of handing out Blue light cards, but when he does he gives you the whole speach on following all V&T laws. It is only a courtesy light and people do not have to move for you. My thoughts are to forget the blue light and just drive with the flow...
with due regard, and respect for the public safely
now, i am one of those probies, been in the fire service only 7 months now.

but from what i have seen so far NO! NO! NO! we DO NOT need to blow through intersections, lights, and other cautious or otherwise hazardous road conditions. driving the speed limit, obeying the V&T, with my light bar running i have nearly been hit 3 times so far, to the point where unless its serious, i don't even bother with it anymore.

just remember, and it sounds harsh, but your no good to your chief dead.
red, blue, yellow, it all depends on the laws of your state (Ohio's my favorite, Vollies get sirens and lights)--but since in other uninformed states, vollies get to use "courtsey lights" which is ok i guess as a "better than nothing" option. personally i believe that anything that enhances service to the public like letting vollies have lights and sirens should be those of you that yell abuse, what about cops, garbagemen and school bus drivers and nuts that FAKE being firefighters...all i have to say is dont punish anyone that does not abuse the system, after all, the're just going to the firehouse to help for the origional question, you should NEVER run any lights until making certain that the intersection is clear
I feel that emergency vehicles should be able to break traffic laws if they could do it safely
I think that's the point. Your POV is NOT an emergency vehicle.

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