I was curious how other departments Officers function in that is it a must for them to know how to run the pump on an engine or is this something that an Officer is not required to know?

Thanks, TJ

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everyone on our department is tought how to operate the pump, but we still have some officers that are clueless to the operation of the truck and pump
YES The company officer of an engine, ladder, or rescue company should be proficient in all aspects of operating the apparatus. In fact the officer should be proficient in all of the skills required of his or her firefighters on the company. If a problem occurs the first person the engineer/apparatus operator, or what ever your department calls them will go to is their officer. If the officer does not know the job then how can he or she lead the company? How can the officer evaluate performance, conduct company level training, and complete employee evaluations if they are not proficient in the subordinated duties?
I think officers should know how to run the pumps, and in our department all the officers from Lt. on up have to have pump operators to be an officer. I think as an officer whether it be a Lieutenant or higher should have that know how in case there is a problem and the officer needs to have that knowledge.... I think having an officer that has no knowledge of running a pump is a problem, as a Captain you need to know the trucks and how they run so you should have this training before you get to the position of Captain. In my department you have to be qualified on all the apparatus to be Captain. That is how our department does it anyway....
An officer should be able operate any of the rigs he might be in charge of. I would have to question any officer who is not able to run a pump, How it is that they got to be an officer?
Yes, Yes
Not only should they know how to run it but the also the pump specifications as well. I mean, it's part of being an officer.
In my department a Captain or higher has to be a apparartus driver to be a officer. Sgt and Lt can also be a apparatus operator if they take the classes to be apparatus operator.
Standards for officers differ from department to department and what the county requires also.
YES !! Being on all our "Drivers Lists" (Pick ups, ambulance, Heavy Rescue, Engines and Ladder) is one of the qualifications for anyone hopeing to run for any Lt., Capt or Chief position and "Pump Operator" is part of the requirement for the engine and ladder lists. The chief shouldn't be masking up and crawling in or running a pump, but he most certainly must know how and why the rest of us are doing it and how to avoid desasters in those areas. PS: No driver training is even offered in the first year of membership.
On our dept. officers are required to know how to run the pump. We are also usually the ones that train the probies how to.
I guess in the end it boils down to...

WHY WOULDNT YOU HAVE YOUR OFFICERS...and all line personnel know how to do pump ops?
everyone should be able to run every pieace of equipment in the department.officer or not.

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